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12 Key Tech Products of the Past 2 Decades

Walt Mossberg lists most important devices, software

(Newser) - Walt Mossberg has been reviewing consumer technology for the Wall Street Journal for 22 years, and now he's signing off—but not before reflecting on the most important gadgets and software in his time with the paper. And a very fruitful period it has been. A timeline of the... More »

Boston University Sues Apple Over 1997 Patent

It asks court to stop sales on iPads, iPhones, and MacBook Air

(Newser) - Boston University is asking a court to stop the sales of the iPhone 5, iPad, and MacBook Air, claiming that all those products infringe on a patent filed by one of its professors back in 1997. The patent covers a method of generating blue lasers in a cheap, compact fashion... More »

Apple Unveils New Macbook Pro, iOS 6

Tweaks include Siri upgrades, Facebook integration, map upgrades

(Newser) - Expectations were high going into Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco today, and the company didn't disappoint, rolling out a dramatic refresh of its MacBook Pro, and a new version of iOS brimming with new features. Here are the most important details: The New Macbook Pro
  • It'
... More »

And the Gadget of the Year Is ...

... New MacBook Air, says Farhad Manjoo

(Newser) - Apple may top Slate's gadgets of the year , but don't look for an iPad 2 on its list. No, the best gadget of 2011 was the new-generation MacBook Air, writes Farhad Manjoo. It's small but doesn't "feel compromised in any way," he says, calling... More »

Apple Dumps the MacBook for New MacBook Air

Apple's new entry-level laptop has 11-inch screen, weighs 2.38 pounds

(Newser) - Apple unveiled its latest version of the MacBook Air yesterday, and it’s a beauty. The new machine runs the Lion OS, sports either a Core i5 or Core i7 processor, and has such bells and whistles as a backlit keyboard and a Thunderbolt port, the Christian Science Monitor reports.... More »

The Next 5 Apple Gadgets to Speculate About

Just in case you have nothing better to do

(Newser) - This was a bumper year for Apple, as it released the iPad, iPhone 4, new Macbook Air, and new Apple TV. Business Insider speculates on what Steve Jobs and company may have in store for the 2011.
  1. New iPad. iPad 2 will likely be faster, boast a higher-resolution screen, and
... More »

Nothing New in Dell's Sexy Offerings

(Newser) - Dell is desperate to expand its chunk of the consumer PC market and shed its reputation for stodgy design, so Walt Mossberg decided to take a look at two of its flashier offerings: the ultrathin Adamo laptop, and the Studio One 19 touch-screen desktop. They’re not bad machines, he... More »

Dell May Be Set to Float MacBook Air Rival

'Adamo' mystery sets tech world abuzz

(Newser) - Dell's mystery product Adamo could be a super-slim laptop even lighter than the MacBook Air, but it's proving impossible to get solid information about it, Ashlee Vance writes in the New York Times. The firm has registered the trademark and set up a teaser site, but declines to comment on... More »

New Mac Notebooks Weigh Less, Do More, Cost Same

iPhone style trackpad and better graphics cards spurred by consumer input

(Newser) - Steve Jobs rolled out redesigns of Apple’s MacBook line today, adding many desired features such as iPhone-type trackpads and better video cards, Ars Technica reports. A new entry into the line of flat-panel monitors was also unveiled. Though prices remain the same for each laptop (except the entry-level MacBook),... More »

Dell Boots Up New Ultralight Laptop

Latitude weighs 2 pounds, boasts 19-hour battery

(Newser) - Dell has unveiled a new ultra-portable Latitude laptop to go head-to-head with Apple's MacBook Air. The new entry into the most active segment of the PC market comes with a 12.1-inch screen, weighs just 2 pounds and has a 19-hour battery life with an add-on, reports MarketWatch. More »

Subnotebooks Don't Quite Measure Up

Lenovo, Asus debut lightweights that are close, but not there

(Newser) - Hamstrung by poor battery life, and burdened with an overly weighty Vista operating system that makes starting up a drag, a pair of new subnotebook computers offer a glimpse of what could be—but isn’t quite, writes Wall Street Journal tech guru Walt Mossberg. Lenovo’s IdeaPad—a junior... More »

Apple's Profit Rises 36% on Strong Mac Sales

Company clears $1.05B, helped by 'sex appeal' of Air

(Newser) - Apple's profit surged 36% in its second quarter, beating analysts' estimates thanks to strong sales of laptops, Bloomberg reports. The company earned $1.05 billion, or $1.16 a share; analysts expected $1.06 a share. Revenue grew 43%, to $7.5 billion, despite the sluggish economy. The company sold... More »

MacBook Air: Beautiful, Compromised

It's sexy, it's skinny, but first reviewers say it's not for everyone

(Newser) - If thin is in, Apple’s new Air should be the hottest fashion this season. The new subnotebook weighs under 3 pounds and is three-quarters of an inch thick—at its deepest. Like all things Apple, Air’s beautiful, simple, and evokes technolust among geeks and non-geeks alike. But, say... More »

Jobs Pulls Thin Laptop Out of Air

Apple debuts ultra-thin MacBook Air at Macworld; confirms foray into movie rentals

(Newser) - Steve Jobs today slid his latest trick not from up his sleeve, but from a manila envelope. The Apple CEO unveiled the ultra-thin MacBook Air laptop at the Macworld Expo, reports the AP. Boasting a 13-inch screen, the new Mac ranges in thickness from 0.16 inches to 0.76... More »

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