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Gwyneth Paltrow Starts 'Value' Fashion Label*

*Her idea of a great value and your idea of a great value may be very different

(Newser) - Gwyneth Paltrow has her own clothing line, Goop Label , which is of course an offshoot of her lifestyle site, Goop. The first four pieces debuted this month, and Us has pictures of everything that's available:
  • Pattner Peak Lapel Blazer: A tweed blazer with puffed sleeves, epaulets, and a tie
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Marc Jacobs Leaving Louis Vuitton After 16 Years

News breaks in middle of Paris Fashion Week

(Newser) - Designer Marc Jacobs is parting ways with Louis Vuitton after 16 years. 50-year-old Jacobs served as creative director for the brand, and is credited with transforming Louis Vuitton into one of the most profitable fashion houses in existence. Jacobs' contract is almost up with the company, and there had been... More »

Rachel Zoe's Fashion Line and Show in Trouble

Stylist almost certainly going 'bananas' over this...

(Newser) - Rachel Zoe is probably "dying" over this news, and not in a good way. The celebrity stylist's fashion line has apparently "peaked" and is no longer performing well at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, and the like, sources tell the New York Post . Zoe's partner in the line,... More »

PETA Freaks Out Over 'Trollsen Twins' $17K Bag

Mary-Kate, Ashley 'trolls' for using fur, group says

(Newser) - PETA is irked by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's new designer backpack—and not because it costs nearly $17,000, although you have to admit that is irksome. No, the animal rights organization is upset because the luxury backpack is made with fur, E! reports. "If it looks like... More »

Olsen Twins' $39K Backpack Sells Out—Quickly

Apparently ridiculously expensive luxury items perform well in a recession

(Newser) - The solution to America's endless economic woes is apparently the Olsen twins' $39,000 backpack. In a Women's Wear Daily interview from last week just getting some attention , Ashley explains why she and her sister thought extreme luxury might sell: "During our last economic crisis in the... More »

10 Celebrities Turned Fashion Designers

Melissa McCarthy is the latest to make the leap

(Newser) - Melissa McCarthy is on top of the world, and now that she's won an Emmy and won over SNL viewers , what's next? The Bridesmaids star, who wanted to be a fashion designer before she ended up in comedy, is launching her own plus-size fashion line. "Trying to... More »

Dictator's Daughter Lands NYC Fashion Week Show

Human rights activists not happy about it

(Newser) - Gulnara “GooGoosha” Karimova may be the daughter of a hated dictator who once boiled an enemy alive, but that didn’t stop organizers from allowing her to unveil her new fashion line during a show at New York’s upcoming Fashion Week. Karimova, 39, is a high-ranking official in... More »

It's True: Designer Labels Will Make Your Life Better

But only if it's obvious you're wearing a designer logo

(Newser) - It's true: Wearing designer fashion will very likely improve your life. But not because the clothes are so attractive, oh no: It's the label that matters. A new study shows that designer logos bring benefits including more cooperation, job recommendations, and even money from others. In one experiment, when presented... More »

Working in New Jersey Led to Breakdown: Lawsuit

Elie Tahari manager's $2M suit also alleges discrimination

(Newser) - In what is quite possibly the most amusing lawsuit ever filed, a top Elie Tahari manager is suing the design house for $2 million because, he says, he suffered a mental breakdown … after being exiled to New Jersey. His complaints: the smog, the "depressing" commute, "horrendous" traffic,... More »

How Jessica Simpson Built a $1B Brand

In the world of celebrity fashion, her line is surprisingly successful

(Newser) - When you think of Jessica Simpson, "savvy businesswoman" is probably not the very first phrase to come to mind. But the singer-actress's fashion empire did $750 million in sales last year, and with the additions planned for this year, sales will probably surpass $1 billion. That's about the same... More »

McQueen’s Label Had $50M Debt at Suicide

Recession hit fashion designer hard; outfit's future unclear

(Newser) - Designer Alexander McQueen’s fashion business was $50 million in debt at the time of his suicide last week, an analysis of the firm’s recent statements shows. The Times of London reports that the brand, founded in 2001, didn’t break even until 2007—then made a profit in... More »

5 Fashion Week Trends

Not interested in fashion? Check out the falling models

(Newser) - Wondering what you’ve missed so far from Fashion Week? We’ve rounded up five trends to keep your eye on—check out examples of each in the gallery:
  • Wearability: Designers from Derek Lam and Vera Wang to, yes, even Marc Jacobs and Rodarte are offering clothes the average person
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Inside Kate and Andy Spade's New Life

Former handbag designers find new creative outlets

(Newser) - Whether it’s reimagining J. Crew, foraying into winemaking, or cutting their daughter’s sandwiches into little hearts, Kate and Andy Spade stay busy—just not with the businesses that still bear their name. “Someone said to me, what about your legacy?” Andy tells New York of the 2006... More »

LiLo Expands Fashion Line

6126 is not just for leggings anymore

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan may not be doing much acting nowadays, but her fashion universe continues to expand. Her once leggings-only label, 6126, is set to launch a full apparel line in fall 2010, Women’s Wear Daily reports. In typical Lilo fashion, she tweeted the news: “i need MORE followers... More »

Rodarte Deal With Target a Mistake

What happened to the Mulleavy sisters' commitment to authenticity?

(Newser) - Rodarte, which has become synonymous with handcrafted, authentic, extremely well-made clothes, was the last line Erika Kawalek ever expected to do a Target collection. The looks aren’t bad—some, like the leopard-print dress and blue tulle blouse, are rather nice—“but if you turn off your acquisitiveness for... More »

Gaultier Designing Collection for Target

It debuts in March, probably inspired by Madonna

(Newser) - Lovers of cheap chic, rejoice: Jean Paul Gaultier is designing a collection for Target that will hit stores March 7, reports Women’s Wear Daily. Gaultier is third in the chain’s Designer Collaborations series, following Alexander McQueen (collection inspiration: Leila Moss) and Anna Sui (collection inspiration: Gossip Girl). This... More »

LiLo's Fashion Debut Slammed

Lindsay Lohan's collection for Emanuel Ungaro has few fans, to say the least

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan made her fashion debut yesterday at the Emanuel Ungaro show, and the fact that her acting got the better review shows just how awful it was: “We love Lindsay Lohan—as an actress. Period,” one art director tells the New York Times. “Call the fashion... More »

Best and Worst of Milan Fashion Week

Some collections reflect current industry inertia, but a few rise above

(Newser) - With economic stresses making it more difficult for designers to be creative—and the growing trend of manufacturing being outsourced to other countries—the Italian spring collections in Milan were somewhat “joyless,” but still offered a few standouts, writes Cathy Horyn for the New York Times. The good:... More »

Coco Before Chanel Is 'Beautifully Woven'

Reviewers mostly positive on biopic of French designer

(Newser) - Coco Before Chanel gets mostly positive reviews for its portrayal of the legendary designer in the days before her rise to fame.
  • “The most obvious credit goes to the strong, sure performance of Audrey Tautou,” writes Kenneth Turan in the Los Angeles Times. “Tautou not only resembles
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Real Housewives Spawns Fashion Line

Plus, NeNe Leakes calls out co-star Kim Zolciak for stealing her song

(Newser) - Not sure what to wear as you lounge around in your fancy house, engaging in catfights with your neighbors while your reality TV show's cameras roll? Never fear: The Real Housewives fashion line hits a store near you this fall. The collection, inspired by Bravo’s franchise, will consist of... More »

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