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Biggest Threat to Security? Slackers

No new rules would be needed if people would stop slacking off

(Newser) - The recent lapses in US security highlight one thing and one thing only: “Certain people just need to stop slacking off,” writes Dan Pashman. Everyone knows there are some jobs where slacking off is okay (NBA player, fast-food worker, secretary of the Interior), but there are others—say,... More »

Brain Looks Beyond Eyes to Recognize Faces: Scientists

New research shows that eyebrows, noses are key to distinguishing people

(Newser) - Want to make yourself hard to recognize? Get a nose job and shave your eyebrows, say facial-recognition experts, who have yet to fully understand—or agree upon—how we “see” or “read” faces. Psychologists and neuroscientists, fueled by the need to quickly and correctly identify people in the... More »

SocGen Fraud: How Did One Man Lose $7B?

Low-level trader went past remit, covered up losses with fake trades

(Newser) - Société Générale has not named the trader responsible for the largest bank fraud in history—which caused the bank to announce a $7.16 billion writedown today—but the Telegraph reports that his responsibilities were modest. He took out "plain vanilla" futures on the European equities... More »

3 Stories