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Spike Jonze May Have Made the Weirdest Perfume Ad Ever

Margaret Qualley stars in 'My Mutant Brain'

(Newser) - In what might possibly be the strangest perfume ad of all time, actress Margaret Qualley spends nearly four minutes spastically dancing around and shooting lasers out of her fingertips while absolutely no mention is made of the perfume being sold until the very end of the ad. The ad for... More »

Katie Couric: Perky Face of Iraq's Spotty Electricity?

Iraq ministry uses unwitting anchor's face in marketing campaign

(Newser) - Iraq's electricity ministry is trying to put a happy face on its inability to provide adequate power—a very happy face. Around Baghdad, the ministry has erected billboards for its electricity news bulletin, bearing the beaming mug of Katie Couric. No, Couric doesn't have anything to do with... More »

Benetton Yanks Pope-Imam Kiss Ad

...within an hour of Vatican complaint

(Newser) - Well, so much for that: Just hours after its debut, an ad featuring a PhotoShopped pope kissing a top Egyptian imam was yanked. The controversial ad, part of clothing company Benetton’s latest head-turning campaign , was released yesterday and quickly pounced on by the Vatican. "It shows a serious... More »

Australia Clears Red M&M of Bullying Charges

Aussies let candy off hook after prolonged ethics probe

(Newser) - After what could be history's most prolonged ethics investigation of a piece of candy, advertising authorities in Australia have decided that the red M&M is not a bully. The ad bureau—after a 2-month investigation—rejected complaints from viewers that the M&M's behavior in TV ads... More »

Naomi Campbell Rips 'Racist' Chocolate Ad

Cadbury calls campaign 'all in good fun'

(Newser) - Tranquility-challenged super model Naomi Campbell is furious and threatening to sue a chocolate company that's using her name in what she blasts as a "racist" ad. "Move over, Naomi, there's a new diva in town," say the British Cadbury ads touting the company's Dairy... More »

Adidas Yanks $10M iAd Campaign From Apple

Steve Jobs reportedly being a control freak

(Newser) - Adidas has reportedly pulled its $10 million advertising campaign from Apple's new iAd platform. After three rounds of creative rejections—from Apple, not the client—Adidas apparently decided enough is enough. Steve Jobs was behaving like a control freak over the creative content, reports Business Insider , which is being produced... More »

Utah State Fair Dumps Ads Featuring Black Man

They didn't fit 'flavor' of the fair

(Newser) - The Utah State Fair changed its ad campaign at the last minute ... because the soul-inspired spots featuring a black man singing about funnel cakes and pigs didn't meet "the demographics" or "flavor" of the fair, says the chairman. In their place, the Fair Board (which, the chairman says,... More »

Old Spice Man Trades Horse for Motorcycle

'Man your man could smell like' Isaiah Mustafa returns

(Newser) - The "I'm on a horse" Old Spice commercial was a tough act to follow, but the body wash's latest spot is a thing of beauty, Linda Holmes blogs for NPR . Former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa is back, but his horse isn't. "There are so many ways this all... More »

KFC's Brilliant New Tagline: So Good

Good luck rescuing the bottom line with that one

(Newser) - Even with the Double Down, KFC is in a slump—US same-store sales fell 4% last year—and it's been trying to dig its way out by coming up with yet another fresh message. The chain has cruised through four such campaigns in recent years, the most recent being the... More »

Blogger Launches Bus Ad Attack on Islam

It's a crusade against the 'Islamization of America'

(Newser) - A New York City blogger is launching a crusade against "the Islamization of America" —using the sides of 40 NYC buses. "Fatwa on your head? Is your community or family threatening you? Leaving Islam?" read the ads pasted on the buses. "Got questions? Get Answers" it... More »

New Ads: Condoms Are for Ugly People

Well at least, that's what Olla appears to be saying...

(Newser) - Condoms: They help prevent pregnancy, STDs, and…ugly babies? That’s what South American condom company Olla seems to be implying in its new ads begging you—and the unfortunate-looking people in the ads—to “please use condom.” Hey, Olla: “No matter how cartoonish you make the... More »

10 Oh-So-Hot Commercials

Some ads are so sexy, they were banned

(Newser) - Sex sells—no surprise there. The Frisky rounds up 10 commercials that probably sold a lot. Watch some of them (warning: graphic!) in the gallery, or to see more, click here :
  • Belgian men’s magazine Che: A wife and mother gets ready to go out while prepping the hot
... More »

Meet That Old Spice Man

Isaiah Mustafa went from NFL to 'the man your man could smell like'

(Newser) - You may have no idea who Isaiah Mustafa is, but you almost certainly know “the man your man could smell like.” That man is Mustafa, who—after relatively unsuccessful stints in the NFL and as an actor—found himself suddenly famous as the star of Old Spice’s... More »

New Tampon Ads Mock Old Tampon Ads

Kotex commercials aim for a bit more reality

(Newser) - Tampon ads make your period seem downright fun, typically featuring girls clad in white, twirling around on the beach or perhaps doing yoga. One tampon company, however, is calling those ads what they are: ridiculous. “How do I feel about my period? I love it,” says the woman... More »

Surprising Celeb Voices Behind TV Ads

You can't be dignified all the time

(Newser) - Jon Hamm is famous for playing an advertising exec on Mad Men, and soon he—or at least his voice—will also be famous for advertising, period. Hamm is the latest celebrity to lend his voice to a commercial campaign, in his case, Mercedes-Benz. PopEater takes a look at nine... More »

French Anti-Smoking 'Oral Sex' Ad Sparks Furor

Ad agency claims only 'shock' will stop teens from smoking

(Newser) - Anti-smoking ads featuring reluctant male and female teens with their heads held to a man's crotch and a cigarette in their mouths is sparking an uproar in France. "Smoking is being a slave to tobacco," the ads read. Smoldering feminist and family organizations have lashed the campaign for... More »

Cindy McCain Joins Meghan in Gay-Marriage Fight

GOP senator's wife joins daughter in anti-Prop 8 photo spread

(Newser) - The fight against California’s gay-marriage ban got a surprise enlistee today, in the person of Cindy McCain—whose husband, Sen. John McCain, opposed same-sex weddings as the Republican presidential nominee in 2008. Few volunteers “have surprised us more,” the NO H8 Campaign says, noting that “aligning... More »

Pepsi Won't Field Super Bowl Ads

Beverage maker focusing on integrated digital campaign instead

(Newser) - Pepsi will end its 23-year advertising presence on the Super Bowl telecast to focus on a cross-platform marketing push with a strong digital component. The company was quick to spin the retreat, which will leave the broadcast wide open to archrival Coca-Cola. “The Super Bowl broadcast can be an... More »

Health Care Reform Foes Outspend Friends 2:1

Biz groups lavish $24M in last month on derailing Dem bill

(Newser) - Business foes of health care overhaul legislation are outspending supporters at a rate of 2-to-1 for TV ads as they grow increasingly nervous over a final bill. Led by the US Chamber of Commerce, opponents of the Democratic health care drive have dropped $24 million on TV commercials over the... More »

Soda Tax Threat a Boon for Food Lobbyists

Industry pours millions into fight against it

(Newser) - Capitol Hill’s flirtation with a national excise tax on sugary drinks has been good for someone: food lobbyists. Soda makers, supermarkets, and fast-food restaurants have spent more than $24 million fighting the tax, the Huffington Post reports. “We are reacting to the situation we find ourselves in,"... More »

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