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Get Ready for Online Radio From Apple

Plus: New iOS likely unveiled this week

(Newser) - After a decade of iTunes, Apple looks poised to delve into another form of online music distribution: Internet radio. The service, likely to be unveiled today as the company's annual developers conference begins, could shepherd new consumers into the online-radio world, experts tell the New York Times . As it... More »

Pandora Jacks IPO to $161.5M

Betting on LinkedIn-esque investor frenzy

(Newser) - This is getting to be one pricey box to open: Pandora has jacked the price of its hotly anticipated IPO to $161.5 million, reports the New York Post, up from a slightly more modest $109.5 million last week and $100 million in February. The stock market may be... More »

Pandora Eyes $100M IPO

It hasn't ever turned a profit, but why let the details get you down?

(Newser) - Pandora's about to open a new box, reports the LA Times: The Internet radio service filed yesterday for an IPO it hopes will raise $100 million and give it the chance to turn a profit for the first time. Though some 80 million listeners tune in, Pandora is largely free;... More »

Royalties Deal May Save Internet Radio

(Newser) - Record labels and the online radio industry have reached a deal on royalties that insiders think will allow the medium to survive, the New York Times reports. Larger sites like Pandora will pay the labels 25% of revenue or up to 14 cents for every song they stream—whichever is... More »

24/7 Online Artist Channels Point to Radio's Future

Eagles, Christina Aguilera, Weezer to be first 'DJs'

(Newser) - Musicians want to connect with fans, and radio needs to survive in the Web 2.0 era: Enter artist personal experience (a.p.e.) radio. Clear Channel launches the 24/7 online channels, featuring artists’ personal radio shows, next month. “We feel that the old model of trying to... More »

Royalty Rates May Kill Internet Radio Site

Popular Pandora threatens to pull plug without a new deal

(Newser) - One of America's most popular online radio sites may pull the plug without a new deal on royalty rates, the Washington Post reports. Pandora attracts 1 million listeners a day to create personalized radio stations, but also pays 70% of its revenue in per-song royalties—a fee traditional radio has... More »

Mossberg Picks iPhone Apps

Add more cowbell or find nearby restaurants

(Newser) - Impressed with Apple's spread of iPhone apps, Wall Street Journal tech gurus Walt Mossberg and Katherine Boehret list their favorites.
  • AOL Radio: The best Internet radio player for the iPhone
  • Evernote: A good port of the elegant note-taking program
  • Instapaper: Instantly download Web pages for offline reading.
  • Travelocity TravelTools: Allows
... More »

CBS Lets You Decide What's on the Radio

New site lets users play any song they want, for free

(Newser) - CBS’ used to be plain old Internet radio – you picked a station, and listened to whatever it streamed. That all changed yesterday, when the company announced its plan to let users listen to any song they wanted for free, a risky but potentially game-changing move that has... More »

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