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Gaga's Gift to Fans: Free Therapy at Concerts

'BornBrave Bus' will have therapists available

(Newser) - Tailgating at a Lady Gaga concert will be just a little bit different from tailgating at a football game: The pop star has announced that pre-show festivities for the next leg of her tour will include free counseling for concertgoers, Vulture reports. Gaga's "BornBrave Bus" will have therapists... More »

Marriage Counselor Sued for Telling Hubby to Cheat

New York couple wants $8M

(Newser) - A New York marriage counselor’s unorthodox methods apparently include telling his clients to cheat—and now he’s being sued by one couple he "treated." Guido Venitucci and Heather Aldridge paid $300 a week for 11 years to see counselor Jeffrey Mechanic—even though he was allegedly... More »

Couples Therapist's Solution to Marital Fight? Knife Hubby

NYC psychologist must have forgotten own advice

(Newser) - A Manhattan couples therapist—who once told the New York Times the biggest problem between men and women is communication—is accused of knifing her husband in an argument. Joyce Poster-Lederman—or, as the Post calls her, “the frustrated female Freudian”—allegedly blew up during a fight at... More »

Ecstasy, Heroin Linked to German Therapy Deaths

Doc aimed to 'expand consciousness'

(Newser) - Ecstasy and heroin were among the substances supplied by a Berlin therapist who said he aimed to "expand consciousness" during a session that killed two patients, German papers are reporting. Another patient remains in a coma. All 12 participants were rushed to a hospital after they fell ill during... More »

Shrink Killer Suspect Acts Up at Hearing

Accused derides lawyer, asks for food as charges are read

(Newser) - The suspected killer of a New York psychologist shocked observers at a hearing today by ridiculing his lawyer and asking for food, the New York Post reports. The judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation of David Tarloff, who was charged with second-degree murder in the slaying of Kathryn Faughey and attempted... More »

Therapists Want End to Britney Diagnoses

Identifying mental illness through media inaccurate, dangerous

(Newser) - The media loves to publish experts' diagnoses of Britney Spears, but assessing a patient's mental condition from gossip columns is irresponsible—and it's giving therapists a bad rep, concluded some professionals at an American Psychoanalytic Association summit. "Brains don't have a checkbox," one analyst told the AP, but... More »

6 Stories