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Judge Adds Fuel to Clinton Email Controversy

Says Hillary didn't comply with government policy regarding her private account

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton says no classified info was ever kept on her personal email account, but a federal judge said yesterday she didn't comply with government policy by using that account, the New York Times reports. "We wouldn't be here today if the employee had followed government policy,... More »

Teen Buys WikiLeaks Server for $33K—of Dad's Money

Needless to say, his dad called that off pretty quickly

(Newser) - Hoping to raise money for charity, Swedish ISP Bahnhof decided to put the now-wiped server that hosted WikiLeaks—and secret Iraq War documents—in 2010 and 2011 up for sale on eBay . Yesterday's winning bid on the Dell Poweredge R410, "complete with hard drives, motherboard and everything,"... More »

Web Service May Die for Hundreds of Thousands

FBI advises Windows users to visit security website

(Newser) - The FBI says it's time for Windows users to make sure their computers aren't infected by an unusual virus. As it stands, hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide are infected and will be unable to surf the Web after July 9, the AP reports. It all started when... More »

Facebook Expands ... on Edge of Arctic Circle

Company to open a data center in Lulea, Sweden

(Newser) - Facebook's quest for world domination is taking it to the edge of the Arctic Circle. The company today confirmed that it plans to open a new server farm in Lulea, Sweden—its first outside the US. The city, located just 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle, is a... More »

Amazon Server Screw-Up Takes Down Dozens of Sites

Reddit, Foursquare, and more affected

(Newser) - Dozens of sites across the Internet went dark yesterday, thanks to a major server crash that has now stretched beyond 24 hours and is still causing trouble for some. Amazon's own storefront is fine, but the company also rents out server space to lots of other major... More »

Facebook to Reveal One of Its Secrets

Social network will unveil details of its new server design

(Newser) - Facebook is ready to share one of its secrets: The company will unveil the details of its server design—something most big tech firms keep under wraps—in an effort to improve server technology and efficiency throughout the industry. The firm will publish the technical details of the building design,... More »

Web Users Worldwide Help Iranians Thwart Censors

Expatriates, Pirate Bay work to get information on protests out of Iran

(Newser) - Iranians are using every trick in the book to get information past the country's tight censorship of the Internet and to the outside world—and the outside world is doing its best to help, CNET reports. Sympathizers have set up a huge number of proxy servers to help disseminate information... More »

IBM to Nab Rival Sun for $7B

Deal would let IBM rule Unix server market

(Newser) - IBM looks set to buy rival Sun Microsystems in a $7 billion deal that would make IBM king of the lucrative Unix server market, the New York Times reports. The $9.50-per-share agreement, already approved by IBM’s board, insiders say, could be announced today—though next week is more... More »

Intel Unveils High-Speed Chip

(Newser) - Intel has rolled out a new chip for servers that will more than double the effectiveness of systems but consume no extra power, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Xeon 5500 excels at “virtualization,” allowing multiple operating systems and applications to run on one server—which Intel hopes... More »

Apple Server Meltdown Foils Launch of iPhone 3G

Customers unable to activate new toy, in store or at home

(Newser) - The launch of Apple's hotly anticipated iPhone 3G turned into an IT meltdown today, as customers were unable to get their new phones working. A global problem with Apple's iTunes servers prevented the phones from being activated in-store, as planned. Employees implored buyers to perform the last step on their... More »

Web Crashes Take Bigger Toll, Fuel Bigger Outrages

One engineer has a site to check whether favorite sites are actually down

(Newser) - A crashing website once was no big deal, but now it can cost a company millions and send customers into fits of rage. In a sign of the times, one San Francisco web engineer has started, allowing visitors to see whether a site is down or if it's... More »

Site Will Email Buddies After You Depart in Rapture costs $40 a year

(Newser) - A new website will email godless friends and family left behind after you’ve been taken to heaven in the Rapture. For $40 per year, will store any emails and documents for you, ABC reports—then send them about six days after the Lord hath taken away. The... More »

Zuckerberg Pal Quits as Facebook CTO

Expanding site borrowing $100M for more servers

(Newser) - In a surprise move, Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer is leaving the company, CNET reports. Adam D’Angelo, 23, felt the job no longer suited his skills and interests, sources told BoomTown. But there were also rumors of increasing tension between D’Angelo and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who have... More »

Google's Juicy Addiction: Cheap Electric

Not-so-green tech giants show insatiable appetite for power

(Newser) - No industrial smokestacks rise from that cute Google logo, but each click of the search button takes an environmental toll, Harper's reports. Google and its competitors are guzzling electricity to power ever-larger server complexes, and a renewable-energy initiative is more about making amends than benevolence. A new taxpayer-subsidized Google center... More »

Sun Posts Strong Profits

Services pick up the slack from core hardware divisions

(Newser) - Sun Microsystems today reported a profit of $260 million for the quarter ending Dec. 30, MarketWatch reports. Though total revenue was $3.62 billion, Sun’s service and sales were responsible for most of the gains, growing to $1.37 billion from $1.31 billion in the same quarter last... More »

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