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Irish Border Problem Holds Up Brexit Talks

Deal slips away after talks in Brussels

(Newser) - The European Union and Britain ended a flurry of top-level diplomacy on Monday without a deal on the terms of their divorce, as agreement on how to maintain an open Irish border after Brexit slipped out of the negotiators' grasp, the AP reports. British Prime Minister Theresa May went to... More »

North Korea Makes Changes at Border After Defection

Soldiers dig a trench, plant trees

(Newser) - North Korea is trying to make sure that no others will be able to defect the way that a young soldier did last week . The fixes aren't exactly high-tech: North Korean soldiers were seen digging a big trench in the border area where the soldier first drove and then... More »

American Jailed for Floating Into Canada on Mattress

John Bennett says he needed to cross border to protect girlfriend

(Newser) - As the judge put it, “Pardon the pun, but it seems to me you wanted to get there, come hell or high water.” That was apparently the case for an American nabbed while crossing illegally into Canada on an air mattress, CBC reports. Officials say John Bennett, 25,... More »

India's Glowing Border Is Visible From Space

Thanks to nearly 1,200 miles of floodlights

(Newser) - An astronaut above the International Space Station has captured a stunning image of what NASA refers to as "one of the few places on Earth where an international boundary can be seen at night." The Sept. 23 image shows the glowing, snaking border between India and Pakistan, visible... More »

Hungary to Migrants: Cross This Fence and You're a Criminal

New laws boost its crackdown at border with Serbia

(Newser) - Hungary declared a state of emergency and police arrested 60 migrants at or near the country's 110-mile southern border with Serbia after new laws took effect at midnight making it a criminal offense to cross the border illegally or mess with the 13-foot razor-wire fence, the BBC reports. With... More »

Isolated Alaska Town to Canada: Closing Border Not Cool

Outpost might need medics, Mounties after midnight

(Newser) - Canada has stopped keeping the border open 24 hours near the town Conde Nast Traveler once called "America's only de facto outpost of Canada," and the 100 or so residents of Hyder, Alaska, are pretty worried. There are no roads from Hyder to anywhere else in Alaska... More »

American Busted Trying to Swim to North Korea

Man was caught by South Korean border patrol

(Newser) - The number of Americans in North Korean custody still stands at three after what appears to have been a failed—and incredibly dangerous—attempt by a US citizen to swim across a river border between North and South Korea. Officials in the South say the man was taken into their... More »

Jokesters Erect England-Scotland Border Station

Makers aim to add 'a bit of a joke' to independence debate

(Newser) - The vote for Scottish independence isn't until Thursday, but travel between England and Scotland already requires a passport. That is, if you fall for a joke border control station that a photographer erected with some English and Scottish friends. An official-looking sign on a highway reads "Scottish Border... More »

Brazil's Ambitious Plan: Erect 10K-Mile Virtual Fence

To keep illegal activities at bay

(Newser) - Brazil's border is pretty mammoth (here's a visual reminder ), and a growing economy has made illegal activities (chief among them illegal immigration) an equally growing concern. But the country has a plan: a 10,000-mile fence ... except that this one is virtual. For reference, America's southern... More »

Time to Settle Last Border Dispute With Canada

Gulf of Maine islands have been in dispute since 1783

(Newser) - As Japan and China continue to feud over uninhabited islands in the East China Sea, the US could set an example by settling a border dispute as old as the nation, Stephen R. Kelly writes in the New York Times . Machias Seal Island and North Rock in the Gulf of... More »

Getting Out of Afghanistan Will Cost Us Billions

Thanks to geography, it's an 'order of magnitude' harder than Iraq

(Newser) - Fighting a war isn't cheap, and in Afghanistan's case, neither is ending one. The US is set to get everyone out by 2014, but getting everything out will cost billions, says Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. "Combat is still going on. Terrible terrain. Narrow roads. Long way... More »

North, South Carolina to Get New Border—Their Old One

States working to restore boundary set in 1772

(Newser) - When the king of England demanded borders be set for North and South Carolina in the 1700s, surveyors battled swamps and panthers, and notched trees to demarcate the line. The boundary was officially set in 1772, and after nearly two decades of hard work, research, and some GPS help, the... More »

Arizona Accepting Donations for Border Wall

Lawmakers set up website for donors

(Newser) - Arizona's message to the feds: Forget you guys, we're building our own fence. Thanks to new legislation, the state is taking illegal immigration into its own hands and is now accepting private donations to build a wall at the Mexican border. Lawmakers have set up a website where... More »

Files Reveal 'Virginity Tests' on Immigrants in UK in '70s

Procedure checked out wanna-be brides from South Asia

(Newser) - The British government is being called on to apologize to South Asian women who were ordered to undergo "virginity tests" by immigration officials. At least 80 women from India and Pakistan attempting to emigrate to Britain to marry were examined by immigration docs in the late 1970s to “... More »

Arizona to Prez: Do Your Job, Secure the Border

Guv fires back after Obama scolding

(Newser) - Did President Obama's slam against Arizona's immigration law make the governor quake in her boots? Hardly. "Do your job. Secure the border," Gov. Jan Brewer shot back at the president in a speech to a Republican group. Brewer pledged to "defend this law against every assault, including... More »

1,200 National Guard Troops Heading to Mexico Border

Obama trying to woo GOP on immigration reform

(Newser) - President Obama is trying to prove to skeptical Republicans that he's willing to get tough on border security. In exchange, he wants their help passing immigration reform this year. In a visit to Capitol Hill today, Obama told GOP lawmakers that he will deploy 1,200 National Guard troops to... More »

Can You Accidentally Hike Into Iran?

Yes, but it's not exactly easy, or safe

(Newser) - The plight of the three American hikers facing espionage charges in Iran might have you wondering: Is it really that easy to accidentally wander into Iran? The answer is yes, but only “if you’re reckless,” writes Juliet Lapidos for Slate’s Explainer column. The Iraqi Kurdistan area... More »

N. Korea to Reopen Border With South

Tourism and reunions with relatives in SK now possible

(Newser) - North Korea pledged today to reopen its borders with the south for tourism and family visits after reclusive leader Kim Jong-il met with the head of the South Korean Hyundai Group in Pyongyang, reports Reuters. Hyundai's Hyon Jong Un met the ailing Kim to secure the release of a detained... More »

New Passport Rules Burden Businesses on US Borders

Fewer traveling into US

(Newser) - Businesses on the US side of the Canadian border say they're struggling now that travelers must show a passport to get into the country. In June, when the new law went into effect, the 11 busiest border bridges saw 23% less traffic than last year, the Wall Street Journal reports.... More »

Texas Gov Compares Mexico to Gaza Strip

Trip to Israel is this third

(Newser) - On a trip to Israel this week, Texas Gov. Rick Perry compared Mexico with the Gaza Strip and said his state could learn from his hosts when it comes to security. "Just like it's important to Israelis to keep heavy security on their border with Gaza, it's important to... More »

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