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Crisis in India: Father, Son Lost Their Lives Over Water

A new report suggests the worst is yet to come

(Newser) - An 18-year-old accused of cutting in line got into a scuffle over it. He ended up dead, as did his 60-year-old father, who suffered a heart attack after trying to calm the situation. The New York Times shares the tragedy as an example of India's rising tensions over a... More »

NYC Needed Water, but 4 Little Towns Were in the Way

They're not in the way anymore: Atlas Obscura looks back

(Newser) - A handful of picturesque villages in New York's Catskills region had bleak Christmases 63 years ago—residents were well aware that their homes were about to be deliberately sent underwater for good. It was all in the name of progress, explains a feature at Atlas Obscura . In this case,... More »

What Drought? Still-Parched California Lifts Water Limits

The power to conserve now shifts to the hands of local communities instead of the state

(Newser) - It used to be you'd be heavily fined if you turned on your water too much or for an unapproved reason in parched California. Now many of those restrictions are about to be dismissed, with a reversal of the state mandate for a 25% drop in city water use,... More »

Texas Town Has Tiny Red Worms in Water Supply

No one's explained yet where they came from

(Newser) - Residents of the Woodland Acres Subdivision started filtering in to Old River-Winfree city offices on Monday evening, clutching containers of water filled with tiny red worms (shown in the video here )—worms they say came out of their faucets, sprinklers, and showers, the Houston Chronicle reports. And although the... More »

La. Parish's Water Invaded Again by Brain-Eating Amoeba

Officials warn residents in St. Bernard Parish not to get water up their noses

(Newser) - Residents in Louisiana's St. Bernard Parish had to deal with a nasty brain-eating amoeba in their water supply last summer—and now the amoeba has made a return appearance. Water in the parish right outside New Orleans has tested positive for Naegleria fowleri, and officials say the state's... More »

'Terrifying' NASA Find: We're Running Out of Water

21 of world's 37 largest aquifers draining faster than they can be refilled

(Newser) - A human being without water is a dead human being, which makes NASA's latest data on the world's water supply pretty chilling. About 35% of the fresh water people use comes from large underground aquifers, but supplies are dwindling, with more water removed from 21 of the world'... More »

EPA: Fracking Has No 'Widespread' Impact on Drinking Water

But environmentalists says the report raises plenty of red flags, too

(Newser) - The EPA issued a major report today about whether fracking poses a risk to drinking water, and the main conclusion "hands a victory to the oil and gas industry," writes Politico . That's because the five-year study found no evidence that the practice has a "widespread, systemic... More »

Workers Stumble on 2K-Year-Old Marvel in Jerusalem

Ancient aqueduct worked 'intermittently' until last century, experts say

(Newser) - Workers constructing a sewer line in East Jerusalem last month discovered a 2,000-year-old water-supply system that—think about this—worked fairly well until the last century, LiveScience reports. The 13-mile long Lower Aqueduct, which was fed by a spring south of Bethlehem and runs through four modern-day Jerusalem neighborhoods,... More »

Another (Different) Reason to Fear an LA Quake

Los Angeles has 3 main aqueducts, and they cross the San Andreas fault

(Newser) - Here's an unfortunate hypothetical: An earthquake strikes along the San Andreas fault, damaging three aqueducts that cross it some 32 times. Those aqueducts supply Los Angeles with all but 12% of its water—meaning a serious quake could ultimately leave 22 million people without water. (There would be about... More »

Fluoride Levels in Our Water Could Be Making Us Dumber

Private wells in Maine may have far too much

(Newser) - The CDC applauds the adding of fluoride to our water supply as one of the biggest public health triumphs of the 20th century. But it seems too much fluoride can do a lot of damage. Not only can it actually damage our teeth and weaken our bones—studies in China... More »

Company That Ruined Water for 300K People Fined $11K

Judge surprised few claims filed against W. Va. firm

(Newser) - A West Virginia company that leaked a chemical into the Elk River at the start of this year has been punished with an $11,000 fine—which amounts to about 27 cents for each of the 300,000 people left without water for days . The Occupational Safety and Health Administration... More »

Lax Regulation Blamed for W.Va Chemical Spill

300K still waiting for water ban to be lifted

(Newser) - The chemical spill that has left more than 300,000 people in West Virginia without water appears to be the product of lax regulation in a state where coal and chemical firms have long operated with little oversight, the New York Times finds. A document released over the weekend reveals... More »

300K in W. Va Remain in No-Water Misery

Feds shipping in supplies after massive chemical leak into river

(Newser) - About 300,000 residents of West Virginia will have to get through a third straight day of being unable to do anything with their water but flush it. The federal government is shipping in truckloads of bottled water, reports CNN , as authorities wrestle to get a chemical leak in the... More »

Sharp-Eared FBI Agent Nabs Suspect in Water Threat

Man said KC supply was going to be poisoned

(Newser) - Authorities in Kansas City, Mo., have arrested a 69-year-old man accused of phoning in threats to the municipal water supply, reports Reuters . But how they caught him is kind of remarkable: An FBI agent recognized his voice from three years ago—when he threatened to bomb the federal courthouse in... More »

Big Find Under Kenya: Rhode Island-Sized Lake

It, along with 2nd aquifer, could supply country for 70 years

(Newser) - It's another kind of liquid gold: Technology typically used to find oil has instead led scientists to massive lakes, or aquifers, hundreds of feet beneath some of Kenya's driest land. UNESCO yesterday announced that five aquifers were identified and two have thus far been verified in the Turkana... More »

Amidst Heat Wave, County Shuts Off Water

Major water main in DC area needs to be replaced

(Newser) - Temperatures in the DC area are expected to hit the 90s this week, with heat indexes predicted to rise above 100 degrees ... yet Maryland's Prince George's County shut off the water for more than 100,000 people last night. Crews are trying to repair or replace a major... More »

LA Tests Hotel's Water After Tourist's Body Found in Tank

Guests say water had been trickling out of taps for days

(Newser) - Guests at the Hotel Cecil thought something was up with the water supply. It had been dribbling out of faucets and showers for days. Now, they know why: There was a dead body in the water tank . The LA County Department of Public Health has been testing the hotel's... More »

You May Have to Turn Vegetarian by 2050

...because of water constraints, say scientists

(Newser) - If you're not a fan of black beans and tofu, you may be out of luck in about 40 years. Some of the world's foremost water scientists say the planet will have to cut its consumption of animal-based products from 20% to about 5% by 2050, assuming we... More »

Drought Drying Up Home Wells

Families forced to adapt in a hurry

(Newser) - If you rely on well water and live in the Midwest, hopefully you're not too attached to the idea of showering. The drought pummeling the nation has been drying up a lot of private wells, the New York Times reports, forcing rural homeowners to either take the not-exactly-cheap step... More »

One of Africa's Driest Countries Finds Water

And aquifer could be enough to supply northern Namibia for centuries

(Newser) - Namibia is the driest country in sub-Saharan Africa, but perhaps not for long. The BBC reports that an aquifer flowing beneath its boundary with Angola has been discovered—and the new water source could keep the country's north anything but parched for some 400 years. And one encouraging announcement... More »

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