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China Buys Stakes in Coke, Apple

But avoids major US holdings in hunt for healthy returns

(Newser) - China's colossal sovereign wealth fund has steered clear of buying large chunks of US firms as it seeks better returns on its portion of the country's $2.4 trillion in foreign reserves. An SEC filing released yesterday shows that the $300 billion fund holds a relatively low $9.63 billion... More »

China May Invest in Bargain US Real Estate

Sovereign-wealth fund to ramp up spending after quiet 2008

(Newser) - China’s sovereign-wealth fund has its eyes on US real estate, the Wall Street Journal reports. China Investment Corp. laid low throughout 2008 as the global economy teetered but is now opening its coffers. And depressed US commercial property values—off 35% from their peak—coupled with cheap government financing,... More »

Sovereign Funds, Foreign Leaders Sitting Out Bailout

Sovereign wealth funds, foreign leaders say US needs to sort out own mess

(Newser) - Sovereign wealth funds that were eager to snap up US assets earlier this year are staying on the sidelines now, as the US crafts a massive financial rescue plan aimed at breaking up the logjams that have frozen credit markets, the Washington Post reports. Despite pleas from Treasury Secretary Henry... More »

Markets Give Morgan Stanley Breathing Room on Merger

Wachovia still a player as rising shares gives firms more time to think

(Newser) - Morgan Stanley presses on with merger negotiations, but the beginning of a recovery in financial markets today means the bank will have more time to weigh options, Reuters reports. Talks continue with Wachovia and China Investment Corp., among others, but the firm "feels that it can slow down the... More »

BofA Could Partner With China Fund on Lehman Bid

Bankruptcy remains possibility for firm

(Newser) - Bank of America could partner with financial investor JC Flowers and a Chinese sovereign wealth fund on a bid to rescue Lehman Brothers, the Financial Times reports. The hobbled investment bank had resisted selling itself, but is now eagerly seeking suitors before the last of its goodwill on Wall Street... More »

US Money Managers Look Abroad

They hope to cash in as more foreign governments invest in the US

(Newser) - US money managers are looking overseas, where foreign governments, flush with cash and eager to spend it, are becoming increasingly involved in the US economy through investments in major Wall Street firms, real estate, and the stock market, reports the Wall Street Journal. Up to $200 billion annually could be... More »

6 Stories