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Snowden Gets a Job

Doing tech support for unnamed Russian website

(Newser) - Call in for tech support in Russia and you might just get Edward Snowden on the line. Yes, the NSA leaker has gotten a job doing technical support for what his lawyer says is a "major Russian website," the AP reports, citing RIA Novosti. He won't name... More »

Dell Laptops, Now With Less Cat-Pee Scent

Company says problem is fixed, and it wasn't urine-related

(Newser) - Dell swears it has resolved one of the weirder IT problems of late: Its laptops smelled like cat urine. Specifically, people who bought the Latitude E6430u have been complaining on user forums for months about the problem—and often blaming their cats, reports the BBC . The company first suggested wiping... More »

Why Dell Gets an 'F' for Tech Support

For one thing, dubious 'sweepstakes' on extended warranties

(Newser) - Calling up Dell for technical support can quickly turn into a sketchy situation, according to Laptop Magazine . When a reporter called the computer maker on three occasions to ask about simple issues, tech support employees were curt and repeatedly pushed "premium warranties"—in one case when the traditional... More »

Geek Squad: Best Buy's Killer App

Entrepreneur works with retail giant to give it an edge

(Newser) - Most entrepreneurs don't stay long after their companies are bought by corporate behemoths—but most entrepreneurs aren't Robert Stephens, the founder of Geek Squad who's meshed his creation with Best Buy to create a billion-dollar customer-service army. Stephens started Geek Squad in college, guiding the company to a solid enterprise... More »

Picking Up on Frustration, Call Centers Move Back Home

Dell support defeats language barrier

(Newser) - A new service from computer-maker Dell spotlights a customer-service trend: US-based call centers catering to American consumers. Dell users frustrated by language-barrier-induced difficulties they’ve encountered while on the line to India or the Philippines can pay $12.95 per month, the Washington Post reports, for access to a domestic... More »

Hate Your Computer? Don't Bully Tech Support

Your frustration, the tech guy's misery

(Newser) - We've all done it: The computer misbehaves and we vent our frustration on tech support. But the ugliest of these confrontations can have real consequences, ABC reports. What the user sees as just blowing off steam, the tech support pro might experience (and report to superiors) as bullying. Aggravating the... More »

6 Stories