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Amélie Director: Musical 'Deeply Disgusts Me'

Jean-Pierre Jeunet hates Broadway, approved project anyway

(Newser) - The news that Amélie is being made into a Broadway musical was met with quite a bit of enthusiasm on Twitter , but one noteworthy person is not happy about it, the Los Angeles Times reports. The idea "deeply disgusts me," Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who directed the 2001 French... More »

Lawyer: Knox Not 'Amanda the Ripper'

Mom says Sollecito's lawyer described 'real Amanda'

(Newser) - Amanda Knox isn’t the vicious killer prosecutors described, but instead a naïve, rambunctious, kindhearted girl, kind of like the French movie character Amelie, defense attorney Giulia Bongiorno told the court today. Bongiorno is actually Raffaele Sollecito’s attorney, but says she felt she had to defend Knox to... More »

Top 10 Romantic Movie Moments

From Casablanca to Lost in Translation , let your inner Romeo (or Juliet) out to watch

(Newser) - There's nothing like these classic scenes of on-screen romance. CNN's Screening Room lists cinema's top 10 romantic moments:
  1. Casablanca: Humphrey Bogart's "We'll always have Paris" monologue.
  2. City Lights: When Virginia Cherrill recognizes Chaplin's tramp as her lover.
  3. Roman Holiday: Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck's scene at the Mouth of
... More »

3 Stories