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What CBP Found in Kid's Backpack Was Worth a Lot

Literally $141K in cash, in the backpack and a purse, at US-Mexico border

(Newser) - Maybe they forgot to move a decimal point (or two)? Per Customs and Border Protection rules , travelers going to and from the US can carry as much cash as they want, but they have to declare $10,000 or more. And so the $141,200 that CBP officers in Texas... More »

Man Tasered at US Border Crossing Dies

He attacked officers, 4 received 'moderate injuries'

(Newser) - A man who struggled with US Customs and Border Protection agents at the San Ysidro, Calif., crossing on Christmas Eve died after being Tasered. The 40-year-old came into the US from Mexico via the pedestrian walkway around 7pm, the Los Angeles Times reports, but agents soon discovered an outstanding felony... More »

San Diego: Nation's Meth Gateway

Report shows 70% of US supply enters through the city

(Newser) - If you're talking about our country's meth crisis and looking to point fingers, go ahead and direct yours to California, and San Diego in particular. "California is now the primary source for methamphetamine nationwide with as much as 70% of the US foreign supply of methamphetamine being... More »

North Korean Ship Crosses South's Border

South broadcasts 10 warnings in overnight violation

(Newser) - A North Korean patrol ship crossed a maritime border with the South multiple times last night, South Korea's defense ministry says. It finally ended up in North Korean waters—but not until the South had broadcast 10 warnings, Yonhap News reports. The border crossing may have been "part... More »

Border Agent Kills Man Who Threw Rock at Him

Agent was patrolling known smuggling trail near San Diego

(Newser) - A US Border Patrol agent who claims he feared for his life after a rock hit his head reacted by shooting and killing the man who hurled the stone. It marks the ninth fatal shooting involving rock throwing since 2010. The unnamed agent was patrolling a smuggling trail east of... More »

Teen Dies After Drinking Liquid Meth

He had just crossed into US from Mexico

(Newser) - A Tijuana teen died near the US-Mexico border Monday night in circumstances a San Diego police officer calls "very, very odd." Cruz Marcelino Velazquez Acevedo, 16, walked into the pedestrian crossing area at the San Ysidro port of entry when he was detained because of a problem with... More »

Texas County Overwhelmed by Dead Illegal Immigrants

Sparsely-populated Brooks County saw 129 bodies last year

(Newser) - Last year, a border county in Texas recovered 129 bodies belonging to immigrants who were attempting to make the trek from Mexico only to be felled by the elements; the toll stands at 76 so far this year. That's a staggering number for Brooks County, which has historically seen... More »

US Uses Border Searches to Seize Devices: Manning Ally

Technique allows warrantless search of electronics

(Newser) - If you cross in to or out of the US, the government might seize your electronic devices—whether it's got a warrant or not. David House, a fundraiser for Chelsea Manning's legal defense fund, found that out the hard way in November 2010, after a trip to Mexico.... More »

At Mexico Fun Park, a Border-Crossing 'Experience'

...without the border

(Newser) - Splash Mountain it ain't: One of the attractions at Mexican amusement park Parque EcoAlberto is a re-creation of an illegal US-Mexico border crossing, complete with smugglers, dogs, sirens, and border patrol agents, PBS reports. It isn't supposed to be fun—the three-hour "Night Walk" experience is intended... More »

Rio Grande Is New Hot Spot for Border Crossings

Tops Tucson crossings for first time in two decades

(Newser) - Unauthorized border crossings from Mexico to Tucson are so 2012. In 2013, it's all about Texas' Rio Grande Valley, which has topped Tucson's apprehension figures for the first time in 20 years, the New York Times reports. Since October 2012, 94,305 people have been apprehended crossing in... More »

Man Shoots Guard, Kills Self at Canadian Border

Shooter was trying to enter Canada from Washington

(Newser) - A man in a vehicle with Washington state plates shot and critically injured a female Canadian border officer in her booth yesterday and killed himself immediately afterward. The Peace Arch crossing between Washington and British Columbia, the third-busiest US-Canada crossing, was closed for the rest of the day, the AP... More »

Bomb Threat Closes US-Canada Bridge

2nd threat in a week shuts busy crossing

(Newser) - Is somebody in Detroit trying to keep Canadians out? The Ambassador Bridge linking Detroit with Windsor, Ontario, was shut down last night after a bomb threat was received from the Detroit side, reports CNN . The bridge is America's busiest commercial border crossing, with more than 10,000 commercial vehicles... More »

France Halts Italy Trains To Block Immigrants

Row heats up in battle of North Africans fleeing unrest

(Newser) - The showdown between France and Italy over African immigrants reached a new pitch yesterday when French officials stopped Italian trains at a border crossing. Trains carrying immigrants from North Africa were halted for hours, prompting Italian authorities to file official complaints. Italy has granted temporary resident permits to thousands of... More »

2 Americans Shot Dead at Tijuana Border Crossing

Pair gunned down while waiting to cross into US

(Newser) - Two Americans were shot dead in their truck early yesterday as they waited to enter the US at a border crossing near Tijuana. A gunman approached a line of vehicles waiting at the San Ysidro border crossing and fired into the men's pickup truck, AP reports. Investigators recovered 9-mm shell... More »

Iran: We Detained 7 US Troops at Border

Report says they were trying to cross over

(Newser) - Iran may have let one US hiker go, but a semi-official state media source says it's snagged 7 US troops who were attempting to illegally cross the border, Reuters reports. The Fars news agency today said, without citing a source, "Recently seven American troops were detained by Iranian guards... More »

Obama Halts Work on 'Virtual Border Fence'

Funds diverted to 'cost effective' methods

(Newser) - President Obama has stopped work on a controversial high-tech "virtual border fence" between the US and Mexico, and will divert some of the $50 million in stimulus funds planned for the system to other border security equipment. The move likely signals the death of a 5-year Secure Border Initiative... More »

Busiest US-Mexico Crossing Closed After Gunfight

US agents open fire on coordinated effort to smuggle in illegal immigrants

(Newser) - A coordinated effort to get illegal immigrants into the US devolved into a gunfight today in San Diego, and shut down the busiest US-Mexico border crossing. Four people were injured after US agents opened fire on three vans attempted to speed through the San Ysido Port of Entry from Tijuana... More »

Travel Back to Normal in Koreas

(Newser) - Travel between North and South Korea returned to normal today, eight months after Pyongyang clamped down on imports from the South. It's the latest sign of warming ties between the two Koreas, following a recent deal on reuniting separating families and the fight high-level diplomatic talks in two years. Negotiations... More »

Hamas 'Foiled Carter Assassination Plot'

Source tells Haaretz militants targeted former prez

(Newser) - Hamas, the Palestinian group that rules the Gaza Strip, foiled an attempt by al-Qaeda-linked militants to assassinate Jimmy Carter, a source tells Haaretz. Hoping to kill the former president as his vehicle left Gaza, militants placed a pair of bombs at a border crossing. Witnesses say that they saw Hamas... More »

Border Patrol Destroys Foliage With Chemicals

Killing plants will cut hiding places for immigrants, smugglers

(Newser) - In an effort to keep smugglers and illegal immigrants from hiding in heavy vegetation as they attempt to cross the Mexican border, the US Border Patrol is looking to Agent Orange for inspiration. One plan for cutting down on possible hiding places on riverbanks is to use an herbicide that... More »

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