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Trump's Private Security Team Is 'Unprecedented'

He may bring some to White House, where experts worry it'll wreak havoc with Secret Service

(Newser) - Donald Trump says he's giving up his business , but he has no plans to give up his private security team when he enters the White House next month, reports Politico . Though he'll have the Secret Service at his disposal, Trump will keep at least part of his private... More »

Oakland Residents Turn to Private Security Guards

As crime spikes, neighborhoods chip in to hire extra enforcement

(Newser) - As crime continues to rise in Oakland, Calif., (robberies are up 54%, burglaries 40%, car theft 33%) entire neighborhoods are banding together to hire private security companies to supplement the city's overwhelmed police force, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . The owner of one security company says his officers now... More »

Blackwater Settles With US for $42M

Security firm still faces other charges

(Newser) - No stranger to controversy, Blackwater has settled a laundry list of transgressions with the State Department to the tune of $42 million. The deal treats violations—which include illegally exporting weapons to Afghanistan and offering to train Sudanese troops without authorization—as an administrative matter, and allows Blackwater, now... More »

Sex Acts Tied to Promotion at Afghan Embassy: Guard

Private contractor encouraged nude, drunken parties, worker says

(Newser) - One of the guards at the rowdy US embassy in Kabul went public last night, telling ABC News that new recruits had to participate in naked parties and perform sex acts with other men in order to get promoted or be assigned preferable shifts. The guard, one of 12 who... More »

Meet the New Blackwater, Same as the Old Blackwater

New contractor may hire the same people

(Newser) - The military contractor known as Xe—and far better known as the former Blackwater—has changed little more than its name, NPR reports. Despite having said it's leaving the international security business, Xe recently extended its deal with the State Department to fly protective missions in Iraq. And as another... More »

US Confused by Afghan Mercenaries

Blackwater-style private security guards may answer to militants

(Newser) - It’s becoming harder to keep gun-wielding men straight in Afghanistan. Private security firms have cropped up all over, the Wall Street Journal reports, hired to protect businesses, particularly those doing work for the US. But coalition troops often can’t tell such groups apart from militants, and have been... More »

Iraq Hired Guns Fight en Español

Contractors offer hard-to-refuse deal

(Newser) - Not every security contractor in Iraq is a hotshot American making $500 a day. Many of the private security personnel roaming Iraq are poor Latin Americans, for whom the promise of $1,000 a month and full benefits is nearly irresistible, reports the LA Times. “I’d rather die... More »

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