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Dow Falls 101 in 2010's Worst Day

Intel, JP Morgan earnings, though positive, stoke worry

(Newser) - Stocks started the day with losses and failed to recover, with financials leading the slide. JPMorgan Chase dragged down the sector thanks to its quarterly report, which showed strong earnings but hinted at continued weakness in consumer loans, the Wall Street Journal reports.
  • The Dow fell 100.90 points to
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More Americans Falling Behind on Loans

Balances surge on bank credit-cards as Americans struggle to pay bills

(Newser) - Delinquencies on consumer and home-equity loans rose in the first quarter as unemployed Americans struggled to pay their bills, the Wall Street Journal reports. The number of borrowers at least 30 days late on their consumer loans, which include auto loans, rose slightly to 3.23% from the previous quarter.... More »

Hedges, Private Equity Funds to Invest in Bailout

TALF program could see very rich outfits get even richer

(Newser) - With its highly touted TALF program to spur consumer lending, the government is undertaking a $1 trillion effort that hinges on the participation of some unpopular outfits: hedge funds and private equity firms. As the Washington Post reports, the Fed and Treasury's "public-private partnership" relies on investment from the... More »

World Money Chief Calls for Global Action

IMF head foresees widespread slowdown, backs US stimulus

(Newser) - With a global recession looming, the head of the IMF has warned bankers meeting in Davos, Switzerland, that lower interest rates alone won’t avert a crisis, the Financial Times reports. Dominique Strauss-Kahn called on governments to follow the US in easing fiscal policies, reversing a quarter-century of emphasis on... More »

4 Stories