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Aussie Woman 'Taken by a Shark'

'Community in shock' after experienced swimmer killed at popular beach

(Newser) - An Australian woman taking a morning swim with friends at the popular east coast beach she'd frequented for 14 years died today in a rare shark attack. Christine Armstrong, 63, had become somewhat separated from five fellow swimmers, including her husband, when a witness onshore at Tathra Beach said... More »

Great White That Crossed Atlantic May Be Pregnant

Lydia has swum 19.4K miles in a year

(Newser) - A great white named Lydia recently made shark history: This weekend, she became the first of her kind known to have crossed from the western to the eastern Atlantic. That happened when she crossed a boundary known as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge . Days later, she's already making more headlines. Researcher... More »

Daring Divers Save Choking Shark

Grey nurse shark had elastic pressing in on gills

(Newser) - Australian divers got up close and personal with a grey nurse shark that was in desperate need of saving last week in a "first-of-its-kind" rescue caught on tape, via 7News Sydney , picked up by GrindTV . Somehow the young female shark—spotted breathing heavily in a shark habitat off Sydney—... More »

After Shark Bite, Guy Stitches Leg, Grabs a Beer

New Zealand doctor wasn't too worried

(Newser) - When a New Zealand man felt something odd on his leg while spearfishing, he assumed it was one of his buddies. "I looked behind to see who it was and got a bit of a shock," James Grant, a 24-year-old doctor, tells Radio New Zealand . It was, apparently,... More »

World's Biggest Shark Slaughterhouse Exposed

China factory turns whale sharks into fish oil

(Newser) - Huge numbers of sharks from endangered species are being slaughtered and turned into products including health supplements at a giant slaughterhouse in China, a conservation group has discovered. Investigators from WildLifeRisk found that more than 600 whale sharks are slaughtered at the factory every year, along with large numbers of... More »

Cull Begins: Australia Lures, Kills 1st Shark

Conservation groups slam 'waste of life'

(Newser) - The first shark has been killed off Western Australia under a controversial new policy aimed at protecting swimmers from attacks. A large tiger shark attracted by a baited line was shot in the head several times and its body was dumped at sea, reports the Western Australian . Thousands of people... More »

'Extinct' Shark Found —at Fish Market

Smoothtooth blacktip is alive and apparently tasty

(Newser) - The smoothtooth blacktip shark isn't quite as extinct as scientists had believed it to be, say researchers who found one for sale in a Kuwait fish market. Further research in the region turned up another 47 specimens of the shark, though the only one previously known to scientists was... More »

Sharks Live Longer Than We Thought

73-year-old great white identified

(Newser) - Great white sharks that manage to stay out of the soup pot can live to much greater ages than earlier realized, according to new research. Using tests that measure radiation from atmospheric nuclear tests, scientists identified a male great white that lived to be around 73 years old and a... More »

Leo DiCaprio: I Was Almost Eaten by Shark

'Gigantic' great white got into cage with him

(Newser) - Apparently sharks find Leonardo DiCaprio just as tasty-looking as teen girls everywhere do. The actor revealed to Ellen DeGeneres yesterday that he was once nearly eaten by a great white: He often gets up close and personal with wildlife as part of his work with his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which... More »

To Give Birth, Sharks Return to Own Birthplace

Even if they're away for years: study

(Newser) - A mother shark can be away from her birthplace for years—but she'll still return there when it's time for her to have babies, scientists have found in a 17-year-study. Researchers suspected as much, but to confirm their suspicions, they decided to follow individual lemon sharks starting in... More »

Shark Kills Hawaii Kayaker

State can't explain surge in attacks

(Newser) - A kayak fisherman using lures to attract baitfish off Maui was killed after he attracted a shark with his dangling right foot, Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources says. A friend rushed to help after the shark bit the man's foot but the victim, identified as Washington... More »

Teen Killed by Shark While Body-Boarding

In Australia's 2nd deadly attack this month

(Newser) - A teenager was killed today after being attacked by a shark off Australia's east coast in the second deadly attack this month, police said. Zach Young, 19, was body boarding with three friends about 330 feet offshore at Riecks Point, near the northern New South Wales city of Coffs... More »

800-Pound Sea Creature Caught Off Miami

Fisherman nabs 14-foot Hookskate shark

(Newser) - A fisherman made quite the bizarre catch off the coast of Miami over the weekend: a 14-foot, 800-pound Hookskate shark. The Hookskate is an elusive creature, typically seen on muddy bottoms of the continental slope at depths of up to 1,000 feet, and not much is known about it.... More »

Men Save Shark Choking on ... Moose

2 Newfoundland men pry out moose chunk, send shark back to sea

(Newser) - Two men spotted a wildlife watcher's dream on the coast of Newfoundland last weekend: a beached, eight-foot-long Greenland shark—choking on a piece of moose hide. The shark itself is a rare sight in the area. The chunk of moose stuck in its mouth "had the fur and... More »

Shark Taggers Have Scary News for Beachgoers

...but it's actually good news, they say

(Newser) - Great white sharks are a lot more fond of beaches than previously believed, according to researchers who have tagged more than 100 sharks. The project has revealed plenty of surprising information about the predators' lifestyles, including the fact that they can swim 3,000 miles in just three months and... More »

Shark Bites Off Woman's Arm in Maui

20-year-old tourist was snorkeling

(Newser) - A third shark attack has been reported off Maui in as many weeks; in the latest case, a 20-year-old woman lost her right arm. Maui Now reports that the German tourist was snorkeling about 150 feet from the shore at Palauea Beach yesterday afternoon when the shark attacked, severing her... More »

Ancient Shark Sported Devil Horns

"Devil Tooth" also had spikes on its fins

(Newser) - Researchers have discovered a never-before-seen prehistoric shark in a piece of Arizona limestone, and the creature had a rather frightening feature: a pair of "devil horns." The shark, dubbed the Devil Tooth or Diablodontus michaeledmundi, probably used the horns either to defend itself or to attract mates, Discovery... More »

Shark Kills Drowning Teen

Lifeguards were en route to save Bruni Gobbi when it attacked

(Newser) - It's hard to imagine a worse way to die: Bruni Gobbi was drowning, with lifeguards on their way to help the 18-year-old and her cousin on Monday, when a shark attacked. It bit Gobbi's left leg, and though rescuers were able to get her ashore, she died that... More »

Record-Breaking Shark Killed on Reality TV Show

1,323-pound shark's capture to air on Outdoor Channel hunting show

(Newser) - News of a record-breaking shark capture in Southern California made headlines this week, with a group of fisherman hooking an eye-popping 1,323-pound mako shark off the coast of Huntington Beach on Monday. And reality television will bring the chum-filled escapade into your home, the LA Times reports. The capture—... More »

Man on Honeymoon Killed by Shark

Surfer attacked on Reunion island

(Newser) - A French man was killed by a shark while on his honeymoon on Reunion island, AFP reports. The 36-year-old was surfing at the popular Brisants de Saint-Gilles beach at the French Indian Ocean island when the shark attacked him twice, biting his arm and thigh. A swimmer who saw blood... More »

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