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Ticket-Crazed Virginia Hands Out 6,996 in One Weekend

States across the nation look to motorists as a way to fix budget gaps

(Newser) - In the olden days, cops handed out traffic tickets to keep us safe; in our brave, new, cash-strapped world, states and municipalities are pushing police to hand out as many as possible—for the money they bring in. Just look at Virginia, where last weekend police wrote 6,996 tickets... More »

Utah May Eliminate 12th Grade

Lawmaker proposes drastic cut to address $700M shortfall

(Newser) - Utah is considering battling its $700 million budget gap, and wiping out senioritis in the bargain, by eliminating the entire last year of high school. GOP state Sen. Chris Buttars' proposal to eliminate 12th grade altogether could save the state up to $60 million. The plan is supported by those... More »

Plan to Free 27K Inmates Threatens Calif. Budget Deal

(Newser) - A plan to slash the number of inmates by 27,000 could sink California's long-delayed budget deal, the Los Angeles Times reports. Angry Republican state lawmakers threatened to back out of the agreement after learning of the plan, which would give prison officials authority to let any inmate over 60... More »

Calif. Finally Forges Budget Deal

Plan calls for massive cuts to close $26B budget hole

(Newser) - After weeks of wrangling, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a deal with state lawmakers to close the $26 billion hole in California's budget, the Sacramento Bee reports. Leaders believe the plan—which involves massive spending cuts and borrowing from city governments—is solid enough to secure billions of dollars in... More »

Calif. Budget Crisis Cripples UC System

(Newser) - California's budget crisis has taken an $813 million toll on its famed UC system, Time reports. The University of California's 10 campuses are attempting to deal with the 20% budget cut by instituting mandatory furloughs for 80% of staff, drastically cutting or even freezing new hires, and increasing tuition by... More »

Deal Near on Calif. Budget Gap

(Newser) - The California Legislature and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger are just steps away from an agreement that would close the state’s $26.3 billion deficit, the Los Angeles Times reports. Talks are expected to conclude today. “I don’t think there is anything that would make negotiations shut down at... More »

Arnold Declares Emergency in Calif. Budget Mess

(Newser) - California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today declared a fiscal emergency and ordered lawmakers to produce a plan to close the state’s $24.3 billion deficit within 45 days, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. To accomplish that, Schwarzenegger called a special session of the legislature, and also ordered 220,000 state... More »

Los Angeles May Privatize Parking

(Newser) - The mayor of Los Angeles wants the city to follow Chicago’s lead and privatize parking meters and garages to stem the city's budget crisis, the LA Times reports. Antonio Villaraigosa says LA can pull in at least $80 million by leasing meters and six city garages to private companies.... More »

Ballot Measures a Final Test for Schwarzenegger

Outgoing gov must convince Calif. voters to endorse budget fixes

(Newser) - Deep into Arnold Schwarzenegger's second term, the novelty of holding political office has given way to the hard realities of governing, the New York Times reports. In the eyes of his constituents, too, the Governator’s celebrity sheen has faded, enough that Schwarzenegger is worried about the passage of several... More »

Cash-Strapped States Raise Taxes as Revenue Declines

At least 10 states face substantial budget gaps

(Newser) - A precipitous decline in tax revenue has at least 10 states considering major increases in sales or income taxes to close budget gaps that in some cases run into the billions, the Wall Street Journal reports. States like Oregon, facing a $4.4 billion budget gap and 10.8% unemployment,... More »

SC Gov Will Take Some, Not All, Stimulus Funds

(Newser) - South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is officially accepting federal stimulus funds, beating tonight’s deadline, the Washington Post reports. The state is expected to receive around $8 billion, though Sanford has continued to reject $700 million earmarked for law enforcement and education. Sanford had wanted to use that money to... More »

Cash-Strapped Calif. Considers Selling San Quentin

(Newser) - Some state lawmakers have proposed a novel solution for California's budget problems: sell San Quentin Prison, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Experts estimate the 435-acre site, picturesquely situated on a peninsula overlooking San Francisco Bay, could go for more than $2 billion. About half of that would go toward building... More »

'Doomsday' in NYC: $2.50 Subway Fare OK'd

(Newser) - Starting May 31, New Yorkers will have to pony up $2.50 to ride the bus or subway—even as the city’s public-transit system sees cutbacks in routes and schedules, the Daily News reports. Today’s vote by the Metropolitan Transit Authority to enact its so-called “doomsday budget”... More »

Cash-Strapped Calif. May Shorten School Year

(Newser) - Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed cutting a week out of the public school calendar, the latest desperate measure in California's struggle with a $41 billion budget shortfall. The Governator says the $1.1 billion savings will ward off other cuts to education, which makes up 40% of the state budget. Schools... More »

Calif. Budget Gap Could Mean IOUs, Not Tax Refunds

Facing $42B deficit, Schwarzenegger, state Dems continue to wrangle

(Newser) - Faced with a mounting budget gap and failed negotiations toward a solution, California may have to send out promissory notes to taxpayers owed refunds and local governments, the Los Angeles Times reports. Talks between Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Democratic legislature foundered yesterday; lawmakers sent the governor a disputed package... More »

Philly Mayor to Lease Closing Libraries

11 buildings would be run by private or foundation centers

(Newser) - The mayor of Philadelphia has preliminary agreements with private foundations and nonprofits to manage at least five of the 11 libraries the city is closing out of budget concerns, the Inquirer reports. The new institutions, which Michael Nutter said he hopes will become “knowledge centers,” will retain collections... More »

Arnold's Health Plan Terminated

State Senate kills governor's 'fairy tale' universal insurance reform

(Newser) - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's ambitious plans for a near-universal health care insurance system in California have been terminated after a year-long effort to win the support of lawmakers. The proposal was overwhelmingly rejected by California's Senate Health Committee, with only 1 of 11 senators voting in favor of the plan, reports... More »

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