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Hammerhead Shark Likely Doomed by Woman's Need for Pics

'You definitely don't sit on top of it and take photos'

(Newser) - A Florida conservation group says a woman's desire to pose for photos with a hammerhead shark effectively sentenced the protected animal to death last Sunday. WFTX reports Lauren Dondero was on a Mother's Day fishing trip to Fort Myers Beach when she caught a hammerhead shark. After an... More »

10 Places to Swim With Sharks

The world's top spots to get up close and personal with Jaws

(Newser) - If you've been jonesing for Shark Week, kicking off tonight, Discovery's in-house shark expert Andy DeHart recommends 10 places where you can go to swim with the big fishes, courtesy of ABC:
  • Cocos Island, Costa Rica: "Hundreds of scalloped hammerheads school above the scenic sea mounts" of this jungle
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Shark Births Fatherless Baby

Female hammerheads can fertilize their own eggs, say scientists

(Newser) - Irish and American scientists, using new techniques, confirmed that a female hammerhead shark at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska gave birth to a pup in 2001— without having sex. A male tiger shark was suspected to be the father at first, but the team's genetic analysis shows no sign... More »

3 Stories