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This Town Will Pay You to Live 45 Minutes From Cincinnati

Labor shortage is a problem for America's small cities, towns, and suburbs

(Newser) - America's 4.1% unemployment rate doesn't exactly bring smiles to the leaders of America's small towns. "Eventually you run out of people to do the work," is how one economist puts it to the Wall Street Journal . And we're nearing that eventuality, following an... More »

After a Tax Break Is Decimated, Tesla Sales Disappear

Nearly 3K Teslas were registered in Hong Kong in March. In April, 0

(Newser) - The weekend brought photos of Tesla's first Model 3 sedan to roll off the production line, but it wasn't all positive news for the automaker. The Wall Street Journal on Sunday posted an analysis of data out of Hong Kong that suggests just how severe an effect the... More »

People Will Lose Weight for Just $20 a Month

Financial incentives boosted success rate in weight-loss study

(Newser) - Having a hard time losing weight? Cold hard cash could help. The results of a new study by the Mayo Clinic show that people did a better job of losing weight when they were paid to do so, reports Science World Report . The Mayo Clinic notes that while the finding... More »

Renters Feel the Landlord Love

In soft market, tenants offered flat-screen TVs, cash, reduced rent

(Newser) - Time was, the landlord's knock could inspire dread and bogus excuses. But as apartment vacancies soar, these days he's more likely to drop by to offer you a flat-screen TV, cash, or reduced rent if you re-up your lease. "Many companies are doing whatever they can to keep units... More »

I'd Vote for Health Bill: Frist

Obama's reforms are a step in the right direction, former Senate majority leader says

(Newser) - Health care reform legislation has the unexpected support of a prominent physician: former Senate Republican leader Bill Frist. If he were still in politics, “I would end up voting for it," Frist said. The surgeon also blamed some Republicans for not engaging seriously in the health care debate:... More »

Health Bill Has a Big Carrot for the Healthy

Senate measure would let employers cut premiums up to 50%

(Newser) - A measure slipped into the Senate’s health care reform bill could cut workers’ insurance costs by up to half if they eat well, lose weight, and quit smoking, the Boston Globe reports. The measure may be key to encouraging Americans to stay healthy without too much government imposition, a... More »

Health Care Reform: What We Can Agree On

High costs hurt all of us—here's how we can cut them

(Newser) - The issue of health care reform crops up regularly, then disappears—but now it may have a foothold, writes Karen Tumulty in Time. That’s because the focus of the issue is on the current system’s huge cost to everyone. Much of the spending may be unnecessary, and a... More »

Spend, Baby, Spend —or We're Sunk

(Newser) - Our massive economy will remain stuck until hoarders open their wallets and "roll the dice" once again, Daniel Gross writes in Newsweek. Investors and consumers alike must regain their "penchant for gain and risk... some of the essence of what makes us American." Until that caffeinated, delirious... More »

States Get Creative as Jobs Disappear

Even as tax revenues shrink, states pay to entice employers

(Newser) - State governments, reeling from diminished tax revenues that have forced cuts in services and, in some cases, jobs, increasingly are offering tax breaks and incentives to employers in an effort to stimulate the job market, reports the Wall Street Journal. “Now is not the time to back off the... More »

Gates Urges Companies to Get Creative to Improve Lives

He ruminates on how to tweak market forces to help more people

(Newser) - Bill Gates tweaks his corporate colleagues with an essay in Time urging businesses to look harder for ways to extend the benefits of capitalism to a greater portion of the global population. As a philanthropist, he says, he recognizes the need for nonprofit work, but as a businessman, he knows... More »

Buy Our Minivan, Give Your College Fund a Boost: VW

$1,500 incentive offered with purchase of Routan model

(Newser) - Volkswagen is offering an innovative incentive to parents to buy their Chrysler-built Routan minivan: $1,500 in a college savings plan, Left Lane News reports. The partnership with Upromise might pale to those with more pressing concerns (or who hate planning ahead), though: Chrysler itself is offering a credit card... More »

Senate Pitches Rival Stimulus Package

Larger rebates, more benefits still to come

(Newser) - The Senate has unveiled its own economic stimulus package, challenging the plan agreed to between House leaders and the White House. The Senate plan would give $500 to almost all Americans, rich and poor, and would extend unemployment benefits to the jobless, reports the Washington Post. Senators are also likely... More »

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