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Merkel's Party Loses Big in Stronghold

Conservatives lose Baden-Wuerttemberg first time in 58 years

(Newser) - Japan's nuclear disaster is not just an environmental tragedy—it has started claiming political victims. Germany's Green Party appears poised to win a state government for the first time, trouncing Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives in their stronghold in southwest Germany. The Greens and Social Democrats won 47.3% in Baden-Wuerttemberg... More »

Merkel Heads for 2nd Term, With Messy Coalition

German vote could free or hamstring chancellor for 4 more years

(Newser) - Germany votes in a federal election in less than 48 hours, but Angela Merkel has better things to do than campaign; she's in Pittsburgh with the rest of the G20. Merkel is assured of a second term, but in Germany's complex system of coalition politics, the bigger question is which... More »

EU Election Pounds Left

Low turnout across 27 nations leads to extremist gains

(Newser) - The center-right won a clear victory in this weekend's European parliament elections, while a record low turnout helped far-right and extremist groups make gains across the 27-nation bloc, the BBC reports. The ruling conservative parties in France, Germany and Italy performed well, while in Britain Labor came in a dismal... More »

Merkel's Party Wins Big in German Election

Left decimated as chancellor gets a boost ahead of national vote

(Newser) - The right-wing party of Angela Merkel came out on top in a closely watched German state election last night, giving the chancellor a major boost ahead of a federal election later this year. In Hesse, home to the financial powerhouse Frankfurt, right-wing premier Roland Koch won a new mandate, while... More »

Helmut Kohl, 78, Marries Girlfriend in Hospital

Health fears mount for architect of German reunification

(Newser) - Helmut Kohl, the chancellor first of West Germany and then of a reunified Federal Republic, has married at the age of 78. But the wedding, to an economist 30 years his junior, took place in a hospital amid fears that he is in deteriorating health. As the Independent reports, Kohl's... More »

Both Parties Claim Victory in Key German Election

Merkel gains as premier takes drubbing

(Newser) - Two days after an ugly campaign in the German state of Hesse ended with voting for a new premier, both sides are claiming victory in the bellwether contest. Roland Koch, the hard-right incumbent and the CDU's de facto No. 2, obtained only a 0.1% majority—a dismal performance for... More »

6 Stories