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Critics Bash Sexist 'Girly' Legos

Critics call new Legos gender bias, a charge Lego execs deny

(Newser) - A new line of Legos made especially for girls just doesn't stack up for critics who complain the Lego Friends' line is needlessly gender-biased, reports the LA Times . With bright colors, stylish clothes, and slim female figurines, Lego Friends is facing online petitions and strong words from the International... More »

Still Clicking, Lego Turns 50

Addictive bricks survive video game threat to mark a half-century as a timeless hit

(Newser) - When a Dane filed a patent for interlocking toy bricks 50 years ago yesterday, it began a revolution that has produced enough Legos to stretch to the moon 10 times over, writes Time. The toy, named Forbes' "Toy of the Century" in 1999, survived stiff competition from higher-tech playthings... More »

2 Stories