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Blogger: Chevy Dealers Gaming Volt Rebates

They're selling cars to each other to claim money, he alleges

(Newser) - A writer at the National Legal and Policy Center thinks something fishy is going on regarding the $7,500 federal tax credit offered on Chevy Volts. The post alleges that dealers are selling the cars to each other to claim the money, then reselling the cars as "used" to... More »

Obama Tells GOP Foes on Stimulus: 'I Won'

(Newser) - President Obama listened to Republican gripes about his stimulus plan today, then calmly reminded them that "I won," Politico reports. The GOP is seeking more middle-class tax cuts, among other things, and says the spending package is too large. Further negotiations are planned, but Dems appear to be... More »

End the Recession: Throw Us All a Grand

Banks just horde cash; citizens will spend it

(Newser) - The financial crisis has begotten a global recession, but government leaders across the world are still concentrating their efforts on fixing the banking system. That's a waste of time, writes Simon Jenkins; the banks only horde cash to save themselves and ride out the downturn. For the Guardian columnist, the... More »

Wal-Mart Profits Surge 17%

Retailers ups its outloo for the year after another strong quarter

(Newser) - Wal-Mart's second-quarter profits surged 17%, spurred by bargain-hunting shoppers and tax-rebate checks, reports Bloomberg. The world’s largest retailer also revised its full-year estimates upward, while cautioning that rising energy and food costs make the outlook more volatile from week to week. The company said its net income rose to... More »

Obama Calls for $1,000 Rebates to Pay Energy Bills

Candidate says 'Big Oil' can help foot the cost

(Newser) - Barack Obama unvield an "emergency" plan for the economy today that includes $1,000 rebates for families or $500 for individuals to defray rising energy costs, Politico reports. The money would come in part from "windfall profits from Big Oil," the campaign says. Obama would pump another... More »

Rebate Checks Go to Gas, Food, Looming Debt

Extravagant spending sprees at the mall? Not so much

(Newser) - Rather than the gluttonous splurge on flat-screen TVs and foreign vacations that Uncle Sam had envisioned, most Americans are plunking their rebate checks down on exorbitant gas and food costs--and their mounting debt. “The initial sense is that people are not running out the malls,” one economist told... More »

No Rebates for Immigrant Taxpayers—or Yank Spouses

Caught in rules designed to cut illegal immigrants

(Newser) - Hundreds of thousands of legal, taxpaying immigrants and their Americans spouses are among the unhappy few who won’t be getting a tax rebate check, AP reports. Taxpayers need a Social Security number to qualify—a rule intended to carve out illegal immigrants. Also inadvertently cut from the benefit are... More »

Will Tax Rebates Boost Economy? Test Starts Today

The government has begun sending out the first cash

(Newser) - The first tax rebates designed to kick-start the economy should begin arriving in bank accounts today. The Treasury Department has begun sending electronic rebates to nearly 8 million people by the end of this week, and some 130 million checks will go out via snail mail in May. President Bush... More »

First Tax Rebates Go Out Monday

Paulson happy to be ahead of schedule

(Newser) - Treasury is putting its rebate money where its mouth is—ahead of schedule, Reuters reports, with the first wave of checks going out Monday. “We're a little bit ahead of schedule, so we will start right on Monday with direct deposits," Henry Paulson tells Reuters. The Treasury secretary... More »

Economy in 'Sharp Decline,' Paulson Admits

He won't say recession, but treasury secretary comes close

(Newser) - Hank Paulson came closer than ever to conceding that the economy is in recession in a series of interviews yesterday, Reuters reports. Weary after a weekend in which he helped to broker Bear Stearns' fire sale to JPMorgan, the treasury secretary avoided the R-word but admitted: "There's no doubt... More »

No Return, No Rebate, Warns IRS

Even low-income taxpayers need to file this year to get 'economic stimulus' checks

(Newser) - Even people who didn't make enough money last year to be required to file a tax return are going to have to do so this year—if they want to get their rebates under President Bush's $170 billion economic stimulus plan, Reuters reports. The IRS is planning an information blitz... More »

Bush Signs $168B Stimulus Plan

First rebates from 'booster shot for our economy' to be mailed in May

(Newser) - President Bush signed Congress’ economic stimulus bill into law today, ensuring that the tax rebates at the heart of the $168 billion plan will find their way into American bank accounts by May. The average rebate for an individual will be $600, with $1,200 for couples and a $300... More »

Congress Sends Stimulus Plan to Bush

Most Americans will get rebates between $600 and $1,200

(Newser) - Congress approved an economic stimulus plan today that will give rebates of between $600 and $1,200 to most Americans. It now awaits President Bush's expected signature before checks can go in the mail. The House quickly approved the measure hours after the Senate finalized its version of the $168... More »

GOP Senators Block Dems' Stimulus Plan

Bill to give Americans tax rebates is now in legislative limbo

(Newser) - Democrats' efforts to expand a financial relief plan for Americans hit a roadblock in the Senate today, the AP reports. Republicans were able to stymie the bill, which they say is too expensive. Democrats hoped to add $40 billion to the plan that passed the House last week; it's now... More »

Senate Stimulus 'Too Complex' for Treasury

Paulson prefers House's 'simple' $146 billion plan

(Newser) - The $157 billion stimulus bill passed by the Senate Finance Committee is "too complex," Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said today. "Complexity is our enemy," Paulson said of the bill, which is "in danger of looking like a Christmas tree" once it goes to the full... More »

Senate Pitches Rival Stimulus Package

Larger rebates, more benefits still to come

(Newser) - The Senate has unveiled its own economic stimulus package, challenging the plan agreed to between House leaders and the White House. The Senate plan would give $500 to almost all Americans, rich and poor, and would extend unemployment benefits to the jobless, reports the Washington Post. Senators are also likely... More »

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