The Villages

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Retiree Wrestles Gator, Saves His Dog

Mild-mannered Florida man dove in, and won

(Newser) - In some crazy alternate universe called "Florida," a mild-mannered retiree dived into a pond and fought a 7-foot gator that was making off with his terrier—and the retiree won. Seems 66-year-old Steve Gustafson was trimming an oak tree at his home in a retirement community when he... More »

Paul Ryan's Mom Helps Him Push Medicare Plan

Program is a promise to retirees 'we have to keep,' he says in Florida

(Newser) - Paul Ryan brought out the big guns today to defends his approach to Medicare—his mom and the memory of his grandmother. The VP candidate traveled to Florida to speak before the massive retirement community near Orlando known as the Villages, and he brought along his 78-year-old mother, Betty Douglas,... More »

Candidates Court Fla.'s Senior Power Brokers

40% of the Sunshine State's voters are over 65

(Newser) - The road to the GOP nomination may pass through The Villages, a retirement community outside Orlando with an upper-crust, Republican-heavy population. “If you don’t get your condos to the polls, you don’t win,” a professor says of the 350 retirement communities in Florida, where 40% of... More »

3 Stories