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Jeopardy Champ: Let's End Misogyny in Nerd Culture

Idea of male entitlement has got to go: Arthur Chu

(Newser) - When it comes to women, male nerds grow up in a media-fed culture of entitlement, writes Arthur Chu in the Daily Beast . From Steve Urkel to The Big Bang Theory, we've seen the story of the "awkward but lovable nerd" with the "unreciprocated crush on hot non-nerdy... More »

10 Nerdiest Contests Ever

If you can solve a Rubik's Cube in under 7 seconds, prepare for glory

(Newser) - You may not have realized it, but last weekend people got together in Europe to compete at "speedcubing." To the uninformed, that's the act of solving a Rubik's Cube—really fast. (The current record? 7.08 seconds.) Time lists nine more extremely geeky competitions:
  • Muggle Quidditch: Yes,
... More »

Site Lets Nerds Pay Girls to Game (Wink, Wink)

GameCrush connects lonely males to gaming females

(Newser) - A site where users pay to play video games against young female opponents is open for business, Mashable reports. Though GameCrush has been in a public beta stage since March, the site formally launched today. Players—generally, men—pay 60 cents a minute to play games on Xbox Live or... More »

Cure for the Common Nerd: Nasal Spray

A spritz of oxytocin transforms awkward wall flowers in experiment

(Newser) - A blast of oxytocin nasal spray can turn a nerd into a potential playa—but only if a guy is "socially awkward" to begin with, scientists have found. Researchers discovered that the chemical—know as the "love hormone" for its ability to increase empathy and bonding, particularly between... More »

100 Must-Have Skills for Geeks

Do you have the know-how to be a true techie?

(Newser) - Think you're a geek? Living up to the label requires a certain set of skills—or knowing how to Google them. Wired compiles the 100 essential skills for true geekdom:
  1. Secure a wireless router.
  2. Steal wi-fi from your neighbor.
  3. Mess with people stealing wi-fi.
  4. Name all the Dwarves in The
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April Fools Prank May Pay Off for Star Wars Fans

Tens of thousands try to order a 'Tauntaun sleeping bag'

(Newser) - What started as an April Fools joke may turn into a dream come true—almost literally—for Star Wars fans, LA Weekly reports. The Tauntaun sleeping bag seemed just plausible enough that retailer ThinkGeek was bombarded with orders—and raked over the coals when the truth came out. Now Lucasfilm,... More »

Why Tragik Lolcats Tug on Human Hartz

(Newser) - Lolcats are as funny as their fans believe, but it's the sadness of this kitty sub-genre that makes them special, Jay Dixit writes in Salon. On, which attracts millions of hits a month, lolcats yearn and comfort each other, inspiring a teary eye in us human visitors. There... More »

A Big Win for Black Nerds

Scorn for 'thinking they're white' long an obstacle

(Newser) - Barack Obama provides a boost for black educational achievement that is much more powerful than any policy. His bookish example may throw a lifeline to black nerds who, scorned for "acting white," feel pressure to slack academically to stay cool, John McWhorter writes in New York. Research shows... More »

Romney Lets Guard Down, Boosts Appeal

Geeky CEO shines through matinee idol package on Fla. trail

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's inner nerd is showing, and allowing voters to see it may make him seem likable enough to get elected, Time reports. The candidate's conservative attack dog persona flooded airwaves for months but didn't play well outside of Michigan; now, the tired candidate is letting his dweeby, number-crunching, spreadsheet-loving... More »

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