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A Harsh Letter, a $16.8B Loss, and a Plan to Fire Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO didn't have a great week

(Newser) - Facebook shares plummeted 20% after market close Wednesday, and one person in particular felt it more than others. Bloomberg reports Mark Zuckerberg lost about $16.8 billion as a result of the dip, which would not only negate the nearly $14 billion he'd already gained this year—it would... More »

Netflix Stock Bombs After Critical Miscalculation

Company vastly overestimated subscriber growth, says Q2 was 'strong but not stellar'

(Newser) - Netflix's share price, which had more than doubled since the start of the year, tumbled Monday after the company admitted that subscriber growth is beginning to slow down. In a letter to shareholders, the company said subscriber growth between April and June had been 5.2 million—1 million... More »

Elon Musk Snarks on Twitter Over Tesla Record

Company just surpassed Ford, now right behind GM with $47.8B valuation

(Newser) - The casual observer checking out Elon Musk's Twitter feed Monday may not have sensed the shade he was throwing with his one short tweet proclaiming, "Stormy weather in Shortville…," but the Tesla CEO was actually crowing a bit at some news about his company's stock, as... More »

5 Winning, Losing Companies of 2016

Based on S&P stock price changes

(Newser) - For some companies, 2016 was an economic cornucopia, with stock fluctuations that worked to their advantage. For others, it was a bummer. 24/7 Wall St. took a look at the year-to-date share price changes of everyone on the S&P 500. Top performers included companies involved in technology and resource... More »

Border Wall Maker's Share Price Jumps After Trump Win

Prison shares up, gun shares down

(Newser) - This is a good time to be in the wall-building business: Shares in Israeli firm Magal Security System, which helped build the wall around Gaza and many other barriers around the world, jumped around 6% Wednesday in the wake of Donald Trump's surprise election victory, the Independent reports. Trump... More »

Apple Is Like a Failing Religion

And Tim Cook isn't infallible, Heidi Moore argues

(Newser) - Tim Cook had a difficult job to do at yesterday's Goldman Sachs conference. It would be hard for any CEO to explain why a company's share price has lost a third of its value in six months. But Cook "is not just any CEO," points out... More »

Groupon Stock Plunges to New Low

80 workers laid off as firm faces trouble in Europe

(Newser) - Saddled by weak performance in Europe, Groupon's struggles continue: Its shares dropped to $3.25 in after-hours trading yesterday, sinking below analysts' already muted expectations. The plunge marked a 17% drop from its $3.92 closing price. Since its IPO, the company has lost four-fifths of its value, Reuters... More »

Icahn Sours at Taste of Netflix's 'Poison Pill'

Slams stock move as 'poor corporate governance'

(Newser) - Billionaire investor Carl Icahn isn't happy with Netflix's plan to avoid a takeover, and he told the SEC as much yesterday. In a filed statement, he called the company's share-diluting "poison pill" decision "an example of poor corporate governance," the Los Angeles Times reports.... More »

Eying Icahn Takeover, Netflix Turns to 'Poison Pill'

Company seeks to dilute share values after investor picks up 10%

(Newser) - Following billionaire investor Carl Icahn's purchase of a 10% stake in Netflix , word is out that he may push the company to sell—so Netflix has opted for the "poison pill" approach. The company is giving shareholders the right to snap up more stock if any single shareholder... More »

Facebook Shares Hit New Low

They drop 6% as some investors get first chance to sell

(Newser) - More stock woes for Facebook: As some shareholders got their first opportunity to sell yesterday, shares plummeted to a new low of $19.69. By day's end, they'd settled at $19.87, a 6% plunge, the Los Angeles Times reports. It's not clear yet how many of... More »

Facebook's First Trades: Shares Climb, Cool Off

Company doesn't see expected 'pop'

(Newser) - Facebook has seen a mixed start to its IPO: Initially priced at $38 each , shares in the company quickly jumped about 11%, opening at $42. But things cooled off, and at one point in the first half-hour, shares were back down to about $38, notes the Wall Street Journal . They... More »

Facebook IPO Settled: $38 Per Share

That puts the valuation at $104B

(Newser) - The endless guessing is over: Facebook shares will go at $38 apiece tomorrow, putting the total valuation at $104 billion, the highest ever for US company at its IPO, reports the Wall Street Journal . That's on the high end of the site's predicted pricing, even after it hiked... More »

Facebook IPO: Not Quite $100B

Shares to be $28 to $35, putting value at $96B max

(Newser) - With Nasdaq trading likely to begin in weeks, Facebook has revealed pricing figures: It's planning to sell shares for between $28 and $35, which would put the company's value at $77 billion to $96 billion—the highest ever for a web firm during its IPO, the Wall Street ... More »

Apple Stock Hits $600 for First Time

New iPad goes on sale tomorrow

(Newser) - Apple's stock touched $600 for the first time, the day before the company's latest iPad goes on sale. The stock reached $600.01 just after the market opened and was up $3.76 at $593.34 after the half-hour of trading. Apple is the world's most valuable... More »

Netflix Stock Tumbles 35%

Aggressive expansion, subscribers' departure add to woes

(Newser) - Amazon’s plunging profits may have Jeff Bezos worried, but he can take solace in the misery of a competitor: Netflix stock dropped a whopping 35% to $77.37 yesterday following some bleak announcements the day before. On Monday, the company said its US subscribers had plummeted and that... More »

Microsoft Insiders Conspire to Oust Ballmer

CEO on the hotseat thanks to low share price

(Newser) - A group of disgruntled senior Microsoft executives have been discussing ways to oust CEO Steve Ballmer, according to a report from Peter Lauria of the Daily Beast. The conspirators are upset both about Microsoft’s stagnant share price and his autocratic leadership style. But with Microsoft’s current board unwaveringly... More »

Smokes, Beer Worth More Than Stock

Whole Foods shares worth less than a pound of scallops in their stores

(Newser) - Why settle for the goods when you can get the factory—or a piece of it—instead? Gawker finds more companies whose shares are worth less than products they sell:
  • Have dreams of owning a brewery? Scoop up an Anheuser-Busch share ($20.16) for less than one Bud Light case.
... More »

Feds, Citigroup Close In on Rescue Deal

Government could take over losses for troubled financial giant

(Newser) - Citigroup is closer to getting a new round of financial help from the feds, the New York Times reports. Regulators are discussing a plan today for the US to take on losses at the bank if they exceed certain levels. In effect, the plan would create a "bad bank"... More »

Frantic Citigroup Considers Sell-Off

Merger or sale become options as bank scrambles to stop the drop

(Newser) - Citigroup is keeping all its options on the table as its share price plunges—including selling itself, insiders tell the Wall Street Journal.  The battered giant's share price plummeted another 26% yesterday—its worst one-day hit ever—chalking up an 83% dive for the year. Directors plan crisis talks... More »

Brutal Market Doesn't Spare Buffett

Berkshire Hathaway takes biggest dive in decades

(Newser) - The "Oracle of Omaha" is proving even he's not immune from market blows, reports Bloomberg. Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway took a 12% nosedive yesterday, its biggest one-day fall since 1987's Black Monday. The conglomerate is down 41% for the year and has been dropping steadily for eight days after... More »

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