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Trayvon Lawyers Draw On 'Bootcamp Playbook'

Benjamin Crump: 'The jury is the American people'

(Newser) - The lawyers fighting Trayvon Martin's case are seeking more than justice in a court of law. Attorneys at the black-owned law firm of Parks & Crump took their case to the public right away, contacting media and Al Sharpton , pushing for the release of 911 tapes, and helping to... More »

Paterno Turns to Criminal Defense Lawyer

...who represented George HW Bush in Iran-Contra affair

(Newser) - Joe Paterno hasn’t been charged with any crimes in the Penn State abuse case, but he has reached out to prominent criminal defense lawyer J. Sedgwick Sollers to represent him just in case, sources tell NBC News . The Washington-based Sollers is famed for having once represented George HW Bush... More »

To Fix Health Care, Fix Malpractice Mess

But that requires ignoring special interests—an unlikely scenario

(Newser) - If we’re going to reform health care, we need to contain the vast costs of a malpractice system that chiefly benefits trial lawyers, writes Philip Howard in the Wall Street Journal. As it stands, “billions of dollars are wasted in ‘defensive medicine,’” and 60% of... More »

Tobacco Bill's Winners: Philip Morris, Lawyers

We're smoking less because it's dumb, not because of policy: Will

(Newser) - President Obama might have praised Congress' tobacco bill, but for George F. Will, the new legislation gives just two muscular groups reason to celebrate: Philip Morris and "the Democratic Party's fountain of funds, the trial bar." New restrictions on cigarette advertising will help Philip Morris vault over competitors,... More »

Battle Over Prop 8 Moves to Federal Court

(Newser) - California’s gay marriage battle continued today as lawyers for the American Foundation for Equal Rights announced a lawsuit challenging Proposition 8 and called for the restitution of marriage rights while the suit is decided, the Los Angeles Times reports. The lawyers—Theodore Olson, then the solicitor general, and David... More »

Downturn's Latest Victim: the Billable Hour

Long a legal standard, clients are saying no to lengthy litigation

(Newser) - Might the billable hour—long the standard of measure for legal services—be on its way out? Law firms are rethinking their business models as the economic crisis makes clients more demanding, the New York Times reports. Firms are experimenting with alternative payment methods such as flat fees and percentages... More »

No Crying in the Courtroom!

Murder case prosecutors seek ban on 'strategic bawling' by defense to sway jury

(Newser) - State prosecutors in Ohio want to ban teary-eyed appeals to the jury in an upcoming capital murder case, Time reports. A motion seeking to prohibit blubbering defense attorneys accuses them of crying on cue and violating a 1999 Ohio Supreme Court ruling that it’s “improper to inflame a... More »

In Surprising Turn, Scruggs Pleads Guilty

Famed Miss. lawyer may serve 5 years in bribery case

(Newser) - Dickie Scruggs, one of the nation's top class-action attorneys, entered a surprise guilty plea today in Jackson, Miss., to charges of conspiracy to bribe a judge, the Clarion-Ledger reports. Federal prosecutors said they would recommend 5 years in prison for Scruggs, who also faces a $250,000 fine. He pleaded... More »

Newt Argues a Conservative Green Plan

He debates critics in TNR over how to spark fuel innovation

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich has triggered a debate in the New Republic over how to inspire eco-friendly fuel innovation. He argues that tax breaks and a billion-dollar prize can spark green entrepreneurs to usurp the "oligarchies and dictatorships" that control US oil dependence. But a pair of eco-authors wants more, and... More »

9 Stories