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Truman's Grandson Meets Hiroshima Survivors

He travels to Japan for anniversary of atomic bombings

(Newser) - Japanese survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki met face-to-face today with the grandson of the man who authorized the attacks. Clifton Truman Daniel, a Chicago resident and descendant of Harry Truman, traveled to Tokyo for a ceremony marking the 67th anniversary of the bombings, reports AFP . "... More »

The New Obama Gives 'em Hell

Democrats rejoice as president goes on the attack

(Newser) - On Labor Day, Carl Levin gave President Obama the text of a speech by Harry Truman—who won reelection despite a bad economy by attacking Republicans so viciously that he earned the nickname “Give ‘Em Hell Harry.” Ever since, Obama’s been giving Republicans hell, the Washington ... More »

Top 10 Presidential Getaways

Martha's Vineyard isn't the only game in town

(Newser) - President Obama is chilling in swanky Martha's Vineyard this week ... again. And while the Massachusetts hotspot is a vacation destination that has attracted presidents Kennedy and Clinton, Time r uns down a list of other noted places where commanders in chief have gone to unwind:
  • Florida White House: Richard
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Tough Choices Loom for Obama

Clinton precedent may not help with midterm dilemmas

(Newser) - President Obama is far from the first president to see his party humbled in midterm elections, but precedent may not be much help as he wrestles with tough choices in the wake of yesterday's drubbing. Obama—who plans a press conference today and has already spoken to House speaker-in-waiting John... More »

WikiLeaks Documents Are Not the Pentagon Papers

War logs don't match revelations of Vietnam skullduggery

(Newser) - The release of 92,000 classified documents related to the Afghanistan war has prompted many comparisons to the Pentagon Papers. But that's a bit superficial, writes Richard Tofel for ProPublica . "In terms of important disclosures, it's not even close." The biggest WikiLeaks revelations involve Taliban fighters' use of... More »

If History Is a Guide, McChrystal Is Gone

Generals who question presidents often get the boot

(Newser) - If you're placing bets on whether Stanley McChrystal will be out of a job tomorrow, history suggests he'll be fired. NPR rounds up examples:
  • Abraham Lincoln: He finally had to relieve George McClellan of his duties because the general refused again and again orders to attack. McClellan also called Lincoln
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Cancer May Have Killed FDR

Possible deception in 1944 election raises lots of what-if questions

(Newser) - Speculating about Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s real cause of death has been a popular sport for years, and now two authors have a provocative theory: brain cancer. The shifting opinions are well documented: FDR’s own doctor, who at first likened the deadly brain hemorrhage to a “bolt of... More »

50% Approval Rating Just Another Number: Silver

Obama likely to win re-election, Dems to keep House majority with current numbers

(Newser) - Much has been made of President Obama’s 50% job-approval rating, but that number in and of itself is “not particularly newsworthy,” writes Nate Silver for FiveThirtyEight.com. Obama could probably win in 2012 even with approval below 50%: George W. Bush was re-elected with the approval of... More »

Bring Back the Summer Suit

It's time to bring back the men's summer suit

(Newser) - “Having a distinct summer wardrobe was once the mark of a man in the know,” writes Eric Felten in the Wall Street Journal. A seersucker suit Harry Truman wore in June 1945 led reporters to call him “confident” and “optimistic.” Damon Runyon once wrote, “... More »

Why US Is Still (Sorta) at War With North Korea

(Newser) - The US says North Korea’s recent nuclear test is an obstacle to a “peace treaty formally ending the Korean War,” which gives pause to Juliet Lapidos, writing for Slate. “Wait, we’re still at war with North Korea?” The armistice that ended hostilities in 1953 was... More »

Since Leaving Office, Bush Raises $1M a Day for Library

Dubya raises funds faster than predecessors

(Newser) - George W. Bush has amassed over $100 million in donations for the construction of a presidential library at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Time reports, with most coming since he left office. Bush has tapped into his campaign donor network to hit the estimated $300 million cost for the project,... More »

Most Memorable Presidential Goodbyes

(Newser) - Since the days of George Washington, outgoing presidents have found saying goodbye to the nation to be cathartic—and sometimes used the speech to warn of worries to come. Ahead of tomorrow's Bush address, the Houston Chronicle looks at some favorites.
  1. Washington: Set the tone, paying tribute to the “
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Obama Girls Join Exclusive White House Sorority

If predecessors are any sign, Malia and Sasha are in for 'a helluva good time'

(Newser) - If Malia Obama sneaks a boy into the White House, it won’t be an action without precedent. The generations of girls who occupied what Margaret Truman billed “the Great White Jail” form a sort of underground society, Lauren Collins writes in the New Yorker. The Johnson sisters, for... More »

Ranking the Dads-in-Chief

Carter among the best, FDR one of the worst

(Newser) - Enough with debates on Sarah Palin being a mommy and a vice president. A look at the best and worst fathers-in-chief, as compiled by Madeline Holler for Babble, starting with the worst:
  • Thomas Jefferson only acknowledged (the white) half of the "kajillion kids" he had.
  • FDR might have saved
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Julia Child Dished Up Secrets in WWII

Chef one of several famous Americans revealed as spies

(Newser) - Legendary chef Julia Child, Hollywood star Sterling Hayden, White Sox catcher Moe Berg and historian Arthur Schlesinger were all spies for the US, according to newly declassified documents. Untold stories and clandestine heroics of World War II will come to light today as authorities release 750,000 pages of files... More »

Bill's Bills Cost US a Record $8M

Clinton costs twice as much as Carter

(Newser) - Bill Clinton is costing taxpayers significantly more in publicly funded perks than the two other surviving former presidents, reports Politico. From 2001 through the end of this year, $8 million will be spent on Bill Clinton, compared with $5.5 million for George H. W. Bush and $4 million for... More »

Bush Approval Rating Hits New Low: 31%

Ratings hit their lowest yet on war's 5th anniversary

(Newser) - More than two-thirds of Americans now think George W. Bush is doing a poor job, according to a new poll that pegged his approval rate at 31%—a new low. The director of the CNN poll noted that the hefty 40-point drop in Bush's approval ratings since the start of... More »

Margaret Truman Daniel Dead

First Daughter went on to act, sing and write

(Newser) - Margaret Truman Daniel died today at 83 after breaking the mold of First Daughter and embarking on careers in singing, acting, and writing, the Los Angeles Times reports. The go-getter braved opera critics as a singer in the 1940s and '50s before acting alongside Jimmy Stewart on radio and television.... More »

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