Peggy Whitson

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Astronauts OK After Rough Landing

Soyuz capsule veers hundreds of miles off course

(Newser) - Three space travelers returning from the International Space Station are OK after a rough landing hundreds of miles off course in Kazakhstan this morning, reports. The Soyuz space capsule carrying US astronaut Peggy Whitson, a Russian cosmonaut, and South Korea's first astronaut veered nearly 300 miles off target... More »

Space Shuttle Heads for Earth

Atlantis returns as March 11 flight rolls onto launch pad

(Newser) - The space shuttle Atlantis parted ways with the International Space Station this morning and headed back towards the confines of Earth, even as NASA was rolling another shuttle onto the launch pad, preparing for its March 11th mission. In its 9-day stay, Atlantis attached Europe’s first permanent laboratory to... More »

Risky Spacewalk Juices Up ISS

7-hour mission on solar wing improves power supply

(Newser) - US astronauts pulled off a risky repair mission on the International Space Station’s troubled solar wing today, the AP reports. The possibility of electrical shock made the 7-hour spacewalk dangerous, forcing the team to wait until the station was on the dark side of the planet. “Yee-haw! Excellent,... More »

3 Stories