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Brides Say 'I Do' (Not Take Your Name)

Women keeping their maiden names on the rise again: 'NYT' study

(Newser) - The 1970s heralded a feminist-driven wave of brides who kept their maiden names, but that trend dived in the 1980s, when new wives started using their husbands' name again. Now, a New York Times analysis, the number of maiden-name-retaining women is surpassing that of the '70s. Using Google Consumer... More »

My Teacher's Maiden Ice Cream Flavor? Huh?

Slate scribe pans online security queries

(Newser) - Odds are good that your bank has, at some point, asked for your mother’s maiden name. Security questions are as ubiquitous, Slate’s Josh Levin writes, as they are absurd. Coming up with easy-to-remember, but hard-to-guess, questions is nearly impossible. Paris Hilton’s account, for example, was hacked when... More »

2 Stories