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Amazon Profit Plummets 73%

Company cites pricey investments in streaming, Kindle Fire

(Newser) - Amazon.com's lavish spending has cut into profits and left investors rattled, the Wall Street Journal reports. The company announced a dizzying 73% drop in third-quarter profit today and saw its stock fall by 12%, or $28, to $198 in after-hours trading. The reason: Amazon is investing big-time in... More »

In This Crappy Economy, Corporate Profits Soar

There's a disconnect between profitability and jobs

(Newser) - There's a whole lot of evidence that the US' economic recovery isn’t going well—unemployment remains too high, consumer lending too low, and consumer confidence in shambles—but one place you won’t find that evidence is on corporate balance sheets. US companies are poised to post big... More »

GM Doubles Estimates, Hits $3.2B Profit

Fifth-straight quarterly profit for automaker

(Newser) - That whole restructuring thing continues to be working out well for General Motors: The auto behemoth posted $3.2 billion in first-quarter profits today, including a $1.5 billion one-off from the sale of its share of Delphi and its stock in a former in-house lender. The number soundly beat... More »

Chrysler Turns 1st Profit Since Bankruptcy

Revenue climbs 35% as Big Three return to profitablility

(Newser) - Good news for Detroit: The Big Three automakers are all profitable once again. Chrysler has reported its first net profit since leaving bankruptcy nearly two years ago, with a net income of $116 million in the first quarter. The firm saw revenue jump 35% to $13.1 billion compared to... More »

GM Earns $2B in Q3

Biggest quarterly profit in more than a decade

(Newser) - General Motors has reported a $2 billion third-quarter profit, its biggest quarterly report in 11 years. The figure shows that GM doesn’t need to sell big to earn big anymore, writes Nick Bunkley in the New York Times . A week before its initial public offering—which will reduce the... More »

Goldman Profits Dive 83%

Investors skittish as post-crisis special conditions evaporate

(Newser) - Goldman Sachs fell short of analysts' estimates yesterday, posting an eye-popping 83% second-quarter drop in net income. Profits fell to $453 million, or 78 cents a share. Goldman executives said the fall in profit came as the exceptional trading conditions following the 2008 financial crisis evaporated, and investors remained pessimistic... More »

Once-Reserved Goldman Turns on the Charm

Ahead of record result, normally reticent bank puts on a smile

(Newser) - Today's the day: Goldman Sachs is set to announce record profits in the third quarter, projected at $2.17 billion, and with it a compensation pool larger than Wall Street has ever seen. But the golden bank knows a PR disaster when it sees one—and has been mounting a... More »

Ford Shocks Street With $2.3B Profit

(Newser) - Ford surprised the markets today by posting a $2.3 billion quarterly profit, thanks mostly to debt restructuring actions, Reuters reports. The result beat estimates and represents Ford's first good quarter in more than a year; this time in 2008, the automaker lost $2.7 billion. But the global downturn... More »

Apple Earnings Up 15% on iPhone, Mac Success

Firm sold 5.2 million iPhones last quarter

(Newser) - Apple reported a strong quarterly profit, beating analysts’ expectations by selling 5.2 million iPhones and 2.6 million Mac computers, MarketWatch reports. The firm reported earning $1.23 billion on revenue of $8.34 billion in the quarter ending June 26. Sales of iPhones were the highlight, as the... More »

JPMorgan Profit Jumps 36%, Defying Expectations

(Newser) - JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank to repay TARP money, posted second-quarter earnings of $2.7 billion—smashing analysts' predictions with a 36% increase in profit. The bank became America's second-largest after hoovering up Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual, and like Goldman Sachs it has used a boom in investment banking... More »

Goldman Inspires Jealousy, Suspicion With Soaring Profits

(Newser) - Goldman Sachs is expected to announce stunning profits for the second quarter tomorrow, inspiring jealousy on Wall Street and suspicion on Main Street, as taxpayers wonder whether they've been taken for a ride, reports the New York Times. The bank repaid its multibillion dollar government loan last month, and could... More »

$1.8B Goldman Sachs Profit Shocks Wall St.

Bank plans $5B stock offering to start repaying TARP loan

(Newser) - Goldman Sachs shocked analysts today by announcing a $1.81 billion profit for the first quarter of 2009, the Wall Street Journal reports. “Given the difficult market conditions, we are pleased,” CEO Lloyd Blankfein said. Goldman also announced plans for a $5 billion stock offering that would help... More »

Exxon Mobil Shatters Own Record With $14B Profit

Company earned $14.8B last quarter

(Newser) - Exxon Mobil breezed by its own record for the biggest quarterly profit for a US corporation, earning $14.83 billion in the third quarter. Bolstered by this summer's record crude prices, net income jumped nearly 58%, or $2.86 a share, for the world's largest publicly traded oil company. Exxon... More »

Slumping Microsoft Needs Yahoo

Slow quarter spurs push for acquisitions

(Newser) - Microsoft's first quarter saw flat sales and dipping profits, all the more reason to make nice with Yahoo, Aaron Ricadela writes in BusinessWeek. Steve Ballmer has said he is ready to walk away from the attempted takeover, but with most of Microsoft's revenue coming from smaller divisions and overseas interests,... More »

Amazon Q1 Profit Spikes

Online retailer sees 30% jump in face of economic slowdown

(Newser) - Amazon posted a 30% profit jump in the first quarter, the Wall Street Journal reports, defying the sluggish economy. Net income was $143 million (34 cents a share) compared with $111 million (26 cents a share) in last year's first quarter. The company’s operating income guidance for the fiscal... More »

Rosy Q1 for Google

Search giant profits up 30% as international ad business takes off

(Newser) - Google reported a 30% increase in first-quarter profits today, bettering analysts’ predictions and sending share prices up 17%, Bloomberg reports. Forecasters had assumed that growth in domestic advertising clicks would slow, but Google said it “remains healthy;” a 55% increase in international ad sales gave the search giant... More »

IBM First Quarter Profits Jump 26%

US revenue up 6% despite slowdown

(Newser) - Bellwether IBM posted a 26% spike in profits for the first quarter, proving that some tech companies are escaping the fallout from the economic downturn. The gains include a 6% increase in American revenue to $9.9 billion and are attributed to corporate customers buying products and services designed to... More »

eBay Profits Jump 22% Under New CEO

Site raises projected revenue to $9B, exceeds estimates

(Newser) - EBay's revenue soared 24% in the first quarter, the Wall Street Journal reports, with profits up 22%. Fueled by continued success with its online auction business and PayPal, its online-payment component, the company also raised its projected 2008 earnings to $8.7 billion to $9 billion, well beyond Wall Street... More »

Intel Trims Q1 Profit Projections

An oversupply of flash memory chips is continuing to drive down prices

(Newser) - Falling prices for flash memory prompted chipmaker Intel Corp to trim its first quarter gross-profit projection slightly yesterday, driving share prices down nearly 3% in after-hours trading, reports Bloomberg. Analysts said oversupply for NAND flash chips—used in cameras, music devices, and mini-storage devices—would likely persist into the third... More »

Exxon Posts Historic Profits

No US company has ever made more money, quarterly or annually

(Newser) - Exxon Mobil today reported the biggest quarterly and annual profit in US history, the Wall Street Journal reports, as record oil prices propelled net income up 14%, to $11.66 billion, or $2.13 per share. That topped analyst estimates, and investors rushed to the stock in pre-market trading. Annually,... More »

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