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Paterno Had Close Ties to Sandusky Charity

Links could have motivated him to keep quiet: victims' lawyer

(Newser) - And the bad publicity continues for Joe Paterno: The former Penn State football coach had deep ties to Jerry Sandusky's Second Mile charity, writes Sarah Ryley in The Daily . Paterno worked closely with Second Mile board members, including longtime chairman Robert Poole, and right around the time Paterno allegedly... More »

SEC Shredded Files to Cover Up Crimes: Whistleblower

Matt Taibbi reports on an insane, probably illegal practice

(Newser) - Police aren’t generally in the habit of destroying evidence from failed investigations—but the SEC is, according to one whistleblower. SEC attorney Darcy Flynn spilled the beans to Congress in July, saying that the SEC routinely destroys all documents related to its preliminary investigations if they don’t proceed.... More »

New Orleans Cops Convicted in Bridge Shootings

Post-Katrina incident left two civilians dead

(Newser) - All five New Orleans police officers accused of involvement in post-Katrina shootings on a city bridge have been found guilty. Although the jury did not find that their actions constituted murder, it ruled that the cops violated the victims' civil rights, reports the New Orleans Times-Picayune . They all face long... More »

US Military Officers: UFOs Deactivated Nukes

Ex-Air Force captain giving press conference today

(Newser) - Extraterrestrials do exist … and they apparently are not fans of our missiles, according to a few former US Air Force officers. Capt. Robert Salas and some of his colleagues will give a press conference in Washington, DC, today to testify that UFOs have appeared at numerous nuclear weapons sites—... More »

UK, Catholic Church Colluded on Bomb Cover-Up

Priest had role in 1972 bombing, says report

(Newser) - The UK government conspired with the Catholic Church to cover up a priest’s role in a 1972 bombing that left 9 people dead, according to a new report from Northern Ireland’s police ombudsman. Royal Constables suspected Father James Chesney was behind the triple car bombing, and involved in... More »

Alaska Democrats Complain of Palin Email Cover-Up

Year-old requests still unfilled

(Newser) - Democrats have been waiting more than a year for officials to release the thousands of Sarah Palin’s emails, and they’re starting to get suspicious. “I think they’re hiding something, I think this is a travesty of justice,” says the state’s Democratic Party chairwoman. “... More »

Tillman Parents No Fans of New Afghan General

Blame McChrystal for covering up NFL star's death; call for vetting

(Newser) - Pat Tillman's parents say Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal helped cover up the circumstances of their son's death and they want his record carefully considered before he takes charge of the Afghan war, the AP reports. McChrystal approved a citation for Tillman stating he was killed "in the line of... More »

'Rape' Girl's Death Sparks Chinese Riots

Family charges teen 'suicide' was killed by official's son

(Newser) - Furious Chinese mobs claiming authorities are covering up the murder of a teenage girl yesterday stormed government buildings in southwest China. Several thousand people set fire to county and party buildings and police stations in Wengan county in Guizhou, the BBC reports. Authorities have ruled the death of the girl... More »

Rumsfeld Dodged Early Iraq Failures: Sanchez

Former general speaks out in new book, describes lies and 'total BS'

(Newser) - Early mistakes in Iraq—and the extent of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's involvement in them—are the subject of a Time excerpt from a book by the former commander of US forces in Iraq, Gen. Ricardo Sanchez. Sanchez details an effort by Rumsfeld to get him to agree, on paper,... More »

Abortion Pill Maker in Tainted Drug Scandal

Paralyzing meds made by Chinese firm that sells all RU-486 in US

(Newser) - A Chinese pharmaceutical giant which exports the abortion pill RU-486 to the US is accused of producing tainted cancer medication and of attempting a cover-up.  Shanghai Hualian's tainted drugs left 200 Chinese leukemia patients hospitalized, some paralyzed, reports the New York Times. There's no indication US shipments of RU-486... More »

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