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China OKs US Health Inspections

Beijing renews objections to 'hyped' product safety concerns

(Newser) - China will allow US health inspectors to monitor the country’s food and drug exports, the Washington Post reports, a big concession in heated high-level trade talks. China accuses the US media of tarnishing its reputation by overblowing safety concerns, and has in turn questioned US exports. China is the... More »

China to Bar Foreigners From Owning Brokerages

Western banks will have to settle for 20%

(Newser) - China's stock markets are booming, with 47 million new trading accounts opening this year, but foreign banks eager to cash in on the expansion will be frustrated: Beijing is about to introduce new rules prohibiting foreign investors from acquiring more than 20% of any Chinese brokerage, Bloomberg writes. More »

A Woman's Place Is in ... Charge

Forbes ' most powerful rise to the top of politics, industry

(Newser) - Forbes names the 100 most powerful women in the world, putting Oprah one spot south of Ruth Bader Ginsburg—and placing Meredith Vieira ahead of Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer. The top 10:
  1. German chancellor Angela Merkel
  2. Chinese vice premier Wu Yi
  3. Temasek Holdings chief executive Ho Ching
  4. Condoleezza Rice
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China Declares War on Tainted Exports

Beijing launches 4-month national campaign

(Newser) - In an effort to counteract the flood of bad publicity about its product-safety system, China will mount a 4-month "war" on tainted exports that focuses on whipping government officials into shape, Reuters reports. The short-term campaign is "a special battle to protect the health and personal interests of... More »

Bush Cozies Up to China

Patient president avoids hot-button policy issues, treads lightly on trade deficit

(Newser) - President Bush struck a conciliatory tone in yesterday's congress with Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi, despite thickening indignation over Chinese policies. The Journal reports that the White House meeting tiptoed around China's tolerance of copyright piracy, the export of tainted food products, and Beijing's increasingly worrisome nuclear program. More »

China Deals on Finance, Skips Currency

US-China talks bring good news for securities firms, but no yuan reform

(Newser) - Talks between American and Chinese economic officials thudded to a close today, offering mild changes to the financial sector in lieu of major currency reform. The deal hammered out by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and China's vice-premier Wu Yi promise foreign financial companies more access to Chinese markets and allows... More »

6 Stories