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Afghan Girls' Illness May Be Poisoning—or Hysteria

200 schoolgirls fall ill, but cause remains uncertain

(Newser) - Some Afghan girls have described the odor as sweet and floral, others as smoky or rotten—but in the last three weeks, about 200 schoolgirls have suffered headaches, vomiting, and even collapse after smelling something. Parents fear that the Taliban is using poison to keep the girls from school. But... More »

Britney Carted Off to 'Get Help'

Another hospital trip to psyche ward for troubled star

(Newser) - Following an emotionally fraught week, singer Britney Spears was again taken from her home by ambulance early today to "get help," according to Los Angeles police. Spears was taken to UCLA Medical Center after "driving around the neighborhood like a mad woman," a family source told... More »

2 Stories