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No, Not Every Snowflake Is Unique

Chemistry teacher builds graphic that shows 35 different types

(Newser) - When there's a lot of snow out there, you can either make a snowman, a snow angel, or just X-ray the snowflakes. And if you do the latter, you can figure out how many different designs snowflakes take. Chemistry teacher and blogger Andy Brunning has created this graphic , which... More »

Scientists Unravel Mystery of Albino Gorilla

In a word: inbreeding

(Newser) - Snowflake, the only known albino gorilla who was also the star attraction at the Barcelona Zoo until his death in 2003, owed his white coloring to a genetic mutation—but that's not the whole story. The eye-catching primate was a result of inbreeding, say Spanish researchers, who sequenced his... More »

Snowflake Almost Ready for Adoring Public

Germany's new polar cub sensation is growing up fast

(Newser) - Nuremberg’s favorite polar bear club is growing up fast and should be ready for her public debut by April, Der Spiegel reports. Little Snowflake has already passed through such coming-of-age rituals as her first bone, her first trip outdoors, and a much-needed first bath. Before the bath, Snowflake was... More »

Zoo Braces for Snowflake Mania

City updates transport, stores stock up in wake of bear fever

(Newser) - Polar celebrity Snowflake will meet her adoring public as early as late March, and Nuremberg zoo staff predict a blizzard of attention surrounding its most popular bundle of fur. Annual visitors are expected to jump from 250,000 to 1.3 million, reports Der Spiegel, which has the city readying... More »

'Snowflake' Lands in Nuremberg

Polar bear cub's nickname sticks

(Newser) - After fielding tens of thousands of suggestions from around the world, the Nuremburg zoo has named its new polar bear cub Flocke, German for "snowflake," Der Spiegel reports. The adorable 6-week-old will keep her nickname, says the city's mayor, in part because many of the monikers proposed by... More »

New Cub Could Out-Cute Knut

Nuremberg's tiny 'Snowflake' draws legions of fans, setting up rivalry

(Newser) - There’s a new polar bear in Germany, and Knut had better watch his back, reports Der Spiegel, because the Nuremberg zoo’s 2.4-kilo baby bruin is drawing international attention for being so gosh darn cute. Fans have sent 15,000 name suggestions since Friday, but for now she’... More »

6 Stories