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Clinton Donor List Loaded With Foreign Governments

Saudi Arabia tops list

(Newser) - Bill Clinton is disclosing all the donors to his foundation today, and the list is full of foreign interests, the AP reports. Saudi Arabia alone pitched in more than $10 million to Clinton’s causes. Governments from Norway, Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei, Oman, Italy, Jamaica, and India also pitched in, as... More »

Nasty Stuff Obama Won't Say

The personal attacks against Hillary that you'll never here from Barack's mouth

(Newser) - As Hillary Clinton piously chimes in on the Jeremiah Wright controversy, Barack Obama still won't turn the tables and demand a look through Clinton's unsavory associations. And he's not likely to, so Politico digs into the litany of untouched Clinton material. From patronage-happy, prison jumpsuit-wearing Web Hubbell to misfit brothers... More »

Clinton Helped Crony Land Mining Deal

After trip to Kazakhstan, buddy tapped uranium, Bill's charity got $31M

(Newser) - Two days after former president Bill Clinton took pal and mining mogul Frank Giustra to meet Kazakhstan's de facto dictator, Giustra landed a monster contract to mine uranium with state-run mining company Kazatomprom, the New York Times reports—despite his firm’s lack of relevant experience. Shortly thereafter, Clinton’s... More »

3 Stories