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Wall Street's Bull Market Celebrates a Milestone

It's 8 years old, but how can it last?

(Newser) - Thursday is a Wall Street milestone: The bull market that began on March 9, 2009, turns 8 years old, making it the second-longest such run in history. (It would need to go another year and a half or so to match the record from 1990 to 2000.) Some coverage:... More »

Across the World, a Black Friday

The markets are reeling

(Newser) - Brace yourself for an "ugly open," America, warns MarketWatch in dubbing today "the most volatile and frightening trading day" the world has experienced since China fears rocked markets last August. The Brexit shocker sent Dow Jones futures plunging as much as 700 points, though as of this... More »

CEO Pay Hits Wild Milestone

AFL-CIO president blames 'income inequality crisis' on CEOs

(Newser) - So what was the average CEO paycheck like last year? Oh, just 373 times higher than your average worker's, up from 331 times higher the year before, according to a new report by the labor organization AFL-CIO. That means the average S&P 500 company chief made $13.5... More »

Dow Jumps 200 on Deal Reports

Market breathes a sigh of relief

(Newser) - Investors sprang into action today on reports that a Senate deal to reopen the government and raise the debt limit "is in hand," sending stocks soaring. At one point the Dow was up as much as 200 points in midday trading, and as of 11:39am was still... More »

Fed Keeps Pedal On Gas; Markets Hit Records

In surprise move, bond buying to hold steady

(Newser) - The Federal Reserve surprised the financial world today by announcing that it would continue buying roughly $85 billion worth of bonds a month. Many analysts had expected the central bank to ease off the quantitative easing gas pedal, but the committee announced that it had "decided to await more... More »

Dow Passes All-Time High

Stocks soar at open after positive report from China

(Newser) - The Dow Jones Industrial Average reached its highest level ever just after the opening bell this morning, thanks in part to China's pronouncement that it would be maintaining its growth target. As of 9:51, the Dow was up 103 points, to 14,231. Its previous high, set in... More »

Buffett Drops Out of Forbes Top 3 Billionaires

Carlos Slim still richest guy in the world

(Newser) - Forbes' annual list of billionaires is out—and for the first time since 2000, Warren Buffett didn't make the top three. The list has again expanded; now it contains 1,426 names who boast a total net worth of $5.4 trillion, compared to $4.6 trillion last year.... More »

Dow Plunges 300+ on Obama Win

Fiscal cliff worries loom

(Newser) - Wall Street wasn't exactly cheering over President Obama's reelection. Stocks have been positively plunging all morning, with the Dow down 338 points, the S&P falling 37, and the Nasdaq dropping 79 as of 11:30am. With Washington's makeup essentially unchanged, investors were worried about the oncoming... More »

Dow Plunges 200 on Bad Earnings

Stocks suffer biggest drop since June

(Newser) - Stocks plunged at the open today, with the Dow falling more than 200 points, sending it to its lowest level in seven weeks. As of 10:22am the Dow was down 206, while the Nasdaq and S&P were down 30 and 20 points respectively. The major cause for the... More »

S&P 500 Drops Sears

Retailer has been part of index since it began in 1957

(Newser) - Observers of the S&P 500 might notice the absence of a familiar name starting Wednesday: Sears is being dropped from the index, after being a part of it since the S&P's creation in 1957, reports CNNMoney . One of the main reasons cited for the move is a... More »

Spain Panic Sends Dow Down 200+

Spanish bonds hit dizzying high

(Newser) - The Dow took a nosedive this morning, as did markets the world over, after Spanish media reported that up to six regions may need assistance from the federal government, sending the yields on Spanish 10-year bonds to a new high of more than 7.5%. The Dow plunged 237 points... More »

Dow Plummets 200+ Points

Weak jobs report leads to market troubles

(Newser) - The Dow's gain for the year is gone, thanks to today's terrible jobs report . The Dow fell more than 200 points following the report, according to the AP . At 11am EDT, it was at 12,170, down 224 points. That's a loss of about 0.3% for... More »

Recession Was Great— for Big Business

Firms come out streamlined; still slow to hire

(Newser) - For some of America's biggest companies, the recession amounted to growing pains: They're now "leaner, meaner, and hungrier," says one economist. Indeed, sales, profits, and employment among S&P 500 companies last year beat figures from 2007—before the crisis began, the Wall Street Journal notes... More »

Nasdaq Hits 11-Year High; Dow Rises 157

It's Dow's best finish since 2008

(Newser) - Today's rosy jobs report did wonders for the markets. The tech-heavy Nasdaq, in fact, closed at an 11-year high, reports MarketWatch , while the Dow finished at its highest level since May 2008, notes the Wall Street Journal . The numbers:
  • Dow: Up 157, 1.2%, to 12,862
  • Nasdaq: Up
... More »

Stocks Plunge on Super Committee Failure

Dow drops triple digits

(Newser) - Stocks plunged at the opening bell today, thanks to the super committee's failure to reach a deal and the ongoing debt crisis in Europe. As of 9:37am, the Dow was down 158 points, while the Nasdaq and S&P were down 40 and 19 points, respectively, as investors... More »

Dow Soars 340, May Have Best October Ever

Bank stocks lead the way after deal in Europe

(Newser) - Wall Street had a banner day in the wake of the financial accord in Europe , with banks stocks leading the way:
  • Dow: Up 340 (2.9%) to 12,209; (it had been up more than 400 points in the final hour)
  • Nasdaq: Up 88 (3.3%) to 2,739
  • S&
... More »

Stocks Diving to Bear Market Levels

S&P slips below threshold at this morning's open

(Newser) - Wall Street is getting nervous, and not because of protesters. Stocks have been plummeting hard, and are now just inches above the threshold for what traders consider a bear market. The Dow dove 240 points on Friday and another 258 yesterday, leaving it perilously close to the bear market threshold... More »

Dow Dives 391

Market had been down more than 500 at one point

(Newser) - The markets have closed on a brutal day, with US stocks joining what MarketWatch characterizes as a global selloff. At one point, the Dow was down more than 500 points, though it rebounded in the final hour. The Wall Street Journal notes that yields on 10-year Treasuries are at 1940s... More »

Stocks Plummet on Greece Fears

Dow down more than 200 points

(Newser) - Stocks took a dive this morning as investors fretted over Greece’s deepening debt crisis. The Dow plunged 246 points, according to the Wall Street Journal , while the S&P and Nasdaq shed 26 and 55 points, respectively. Crude oil sank as well, dropping below $85 a barrel. “The... More »

Dow Drops 300+ Points

Investors worried about Europe again

(Newser) - President Obama might be getting good reviews for his plan to shore up the US economy, but investors are far more worried about Europe, reports MarketWatch . The Dow was down more than 300 points at midday to below 11,000, and both Nasdaq and the S&P 500 were each... More »

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