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Congressional Candidate Claim: I've Ridden an Alien Spaceship

Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera says she's kept in touch with alien abductors since incident at age 7

(Newser) - ET, phone … Miami? The Miami Herald reports on a GOP congressional candidate out of the South Florida city who once said she's remained in contact with aliens (though telepathically, not by phone) ever since she was abducted at age 7 by "three blond, big-bodied beings" who took... More »

Antonio Sabato Jr. Sets Sights on Congress Seat

Republican 'Melrose Place' star will take on Rep. Julia Brownley in California

(Newser) - First Ronald Reagan, then Arnold Schwarzenegger, and now … Antonio Sabato Jr. The political bug has bitten yet another Hollywood alum, with the 45-year-old filing paperwork Monday with the Federal Election Commission announcing his run for Congress against Democratic Rep. Julia Brownley in California, per the Los Angeles Times . GOP... More »

Ex-Congressional Candidate Plotted to 'Destroy' Muslims

But Robert Doggart only pleaded guilty to minor charge

(Newser) - A former Congressional candidate in Tennessee has pleaded guilty after allegedly planning to assault a Muslim community known as "Islamaberg," court documents say. Robert Doggart, 63—who got just 6% of the vote as an Independent in 2014—was nabbed April 10 and hit with an array of... More »

Son of Slain Sikh Temple Leader Challenging Paul Ryan

Amar Kaleka will run for congress, he tells AP

(Newser) - Challenging Paul Ryan in next year's congressional election: Amar Kaleka, the son of the Sikh temple president who was slain in the Wisconsin temple shooting last year. Kaleka says the shooting, which also killed five others at the Milwaukee temple his father founded, was a turning point for him,... More »

Jenny Sanford: I Won't Run Against My Ex

Says she's not seeking congressional seat

(Newser) - There will be no dramatic contest between Jenny Sanford and her ex-husband, onetime South Carolina governor and no-time Appalachian Trail hiker Mark Sanford, when it comes to Tim Scott's open House seat. Mark Sanford is expected to run for the seat in a special election, and while some had... More »

GOP Sheriff Ran School Plagued by Sex Abuse: Documents

Paul Babeu ran DeSisto School in Massachusetts, later shut down

(Newser) - The Arizona sheriff and Congressional candidate recently caught in a scandal over his gay lover once ran a boarding school that was shut down over abuse allegations, KNXV-TV reports. Paul Babeu was headmaster of the DeSisto School in Stockbridge, Mass., from 1999 to 2001—a time when physical and sexual... More »

Joe the Plumber Running for Congress

Files for candidacy in Ohio

(Newser) - With all eyes on the 2012 presidential election, a familiar face from 2008 has returned: Joe the Plumber is set to run for Congress, Capital New York reports. Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher has filed a statement of candidacy and established a congressional campaign committee. He is seeking Ohio's 9th district... More »

Offensive Ad's Creator to Critics: 'Suck it'

Turn Right USA not apologizing for ad many are calling racist, sexist

(Newser) - If you were offended by the Turn Right USA ad featuring machine-gun-toting gangsters ordering a Democratic candidate for Congress to "Give me your cash, bitch, so we can shoot up the streets,” well, tough. Ladd Ehlinger Jr, the conservative filmmaker who created the ad, tells Salon that critics... More »

Is This Most Racist, Sexist Political Ad Ever?

'Give us your cash, ho, so we can shoot up the streets,' chant gangsters

(Newser) - The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is blasting what could be the most stunningly racist, sexist campaign ad in history. The web ad, produced by the ultra conservative Turn Right USA PAC , features machine-gun toting black ganstas ordering "bitch" and "ho" Democratic candidate for Congress Janice Hahn to give... More »

House Candidate Used to Be Nazi Re-Enactor

It's just history, says Ohio's Rich Iott

(Newser) - A Republican House candidate in Ohio is busy today explaining why he used to dress up as a Nazi in re-enactments. Rich Iott got the unwelcome publicity courtesy of Joshua Green in the Atlantic , who broke the story (with photos) of Iott's years-long affiliation with a group called Wiking that... More »

Ex-Lawmakers to 2010 Candidates: Behave!

130 former legislators calls for civility on Capitol Hill in letter

(Newser) - More than 130 former members of Congress banded together to offer a message to 2010 congressional candidates via letter: Stop the "zero-sum game" partisanship that has paralyzed the legislative branch. So many former lawmakers have never spoken with one voice to all congressional candidates, but they felt prodded by... More »

Conservatives to GOP: Get Out of Our Way

Upstate New York candidate wants liberal Republicans to sweat

(Newser) - The conservatives' newest rising star has no qualms about his congressional race turning into a referendum on the GOP. "The establishment Republicans are beginning to panic," writes Doug Hoffman. They're worried that a victory by a true conservative like himself will hurt the party's political strength. But Hoffman—... More »

GOP Candidates Hold Own Town Halls

Republicans jump on Democrats' reluctance to host ugly meetings

(Newser) - Republican candidates across the country are staging their own health care town halls in a bid to upstage Democratic incumbents, Politico reports. With many Democrats declining to host the rowdy events, GOP challengers have seized on town halls as easy tickets to voter connection and press coverage. “By the... More »

GOP Fears Big Losses in Northeast

Dems likely to pick up a dozen seats in Congress, parties say

(Newser) - Up to a dozen Republican Congressional seats in the Northeast could fall to Democrats this November, and the New York Times looks at some of the tightest races in the region, where a well-financed Democratic party has won ever more supporters. "There could be a dramatic political realignment in... More »

Dems Fight to Retake the South

Party is running the most competitive Dixie campaign in 40 years

(Newser) - Democrats are mounting a full-scale assault on Southern congressional seats, the Wall Street Journal reports. By fielding socially moderate candidates, Democrats look like they might do the unthinkable: reverse the “Great Reversal,” the civil rights-era shift of the South from a Democratic stronghold to a Republican one. And... More »

GOP Finds Hope in Last-Ditch Fla. Candidate

Prisoner abuse scandal not impeding Congressional bid

(Newser) - South Florida Republicans are thrilled with Congressional candidate Allen West. They see the black Army veteran as a potential GOP standard bearer. There’s just one problem: In 2003, West was accused of abusing an Iraqi detainee and violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice. But some Republicans actually see... More »

Blackwater Takes Aim at NC Candidate

Security contractor calls on workers to 'run this goof out of Dodge'

(Newser) - A North Carolina congressional hopeful had some harsh words to say about Blackwater in an online forum, and now the security contractor, located in Marshall Adame’s district, is firing back in a big way, reports Mother Jones. “Private Armies represent the very things we despise,” Adame said.... More »

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