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Election's Real Winners: Country Clubs, Caterers, Etc.

Campaign pumped about $4B into economy

(Newser) - Republicans may be crowing about their victory last Tuesday, but the election's real winners weren't so much partisan as all-business: As the Washington Post reports, the bank-busting 2010 campaign pumped an estimated $4 billion into the whimpering US economy it revolved around (for a little context, Cash for Clunkers came... More »

Pharma to Push Obama Plan in $150M Ad Blitz

Drug companies get behind health care reform, to Congress' concern

(Newser) - Drug companies have authorized their lobbyists to spend up to $150 million on TV ads supporting Barack Obama's health care reform plan—a surprisingly large sum that suggests the industry still has a deal with the White House on capping pharma's costs, reports the New York Times. A few spots... More »

Media World Braced for Loss Of GM, Chrysler Ad Buys

A collapse in Detroit could cost media players billions

(Newser) - As the situation in Detroit becomes increasingly perilous, media companies are anxiously waiting to see what happens to the vast marketing dollars—$3 billion in the US last year—General Motors and Chrysler previously poured into advertising. But while vastly decreased spending seems like a foregone conclusion, most media companies... More »

As NBC Falters, Real Drama Is Behind the Scenes

Network moves to consolidate amid executive shakeup, poor ratings

(Newser) - When NBC announced a sweeping shakeup last week, it confirmed just how bad things are at the network, the Los Angeles Times reports. Ratings are down 14% this season, just as companies are dramatically slashing advertising budgets in the face of recession. “This is not a good time to... More »

Concerned, NASCAR Watches Sponsors Downshift

Economy, viewership make advertisers shy away

(Newser) - The unthinkable is happening to NASCAR: Its ubiquitous sponsors have begun heading for the exits, setting up the unheard-of prospect of fans glimpsing a bit of car beneath all the corporate logos. The economic downturn is partly to blame, but falling viewership numbers have also contributed to sponsors' newfound hesitancy... More »

Crunch Puts Crimp in Luxury Ad Sales

As consumers budget, luxury brands slash promotional spending

(Newser) - The echoes of the economic crisis continue to reverberate, with luxury brands trimming spending on newspaper and magazine ads as their target audiences cut back, reports the New York Times. Display advertising was already in decline, and spending on luxury items, which started softening in the spring, fell off a... More »

Ditching TV Ads Helps Put Gap Back on Track

Clothing seller sees profit up 40% after cutting marketing costs

(Newser) - The Gap's balance sheet is back in the black, helped along by its decision to stop spending on TV ads, Advertising Age reports. The clothing retailer slashed marketing spending by nearly a fifth in the first quarter and saw profits leap 40%, even as sales slumped. The Gap has switched... More »

Google's 17% Profit Not Good Enough for Markets

Search giant comes up short of estimates

(Newser) - Google disappointed investors with its after-hours announcement of a 17% rise in net income, signaling to many that credit woes could be hurting Internet use. The climb to $1.21 billion, or $3.79 per share, from $1.03 billion, or $3.29 a share, one year earlier underperformed estimates... More »

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