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To Diagnose Cancer, Doctors Only Need Your Search History

Microsoft study could lead to 'a Cortana for health'

(Newser) - Only 3% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will survive for five years. Microsoft researchers, however, say that rate could be doubled with early detection—and the Internet may play a vital role. The researchers, together with a Columbia grad student, found searches on Microsoft's search engine Bing that... More »

Search Service Will Answer Questions Google Can't

Though not intended to dethrone the search king, Wolfram Alpha will compete for clicks

(Newser) - WolframAlpha, a powerful new Web service that can answer a vast array of questions, has already answered one: No, it is not intended to dethrone Google. The site’s creator, scientist and entrepreneur Stephen Wolfram, is “not keen on the hype,” but others believe WolframAlpha could be a... More »

Google's 17% Profit Not Good Enough for Markets

Search giant comes up short of estimates

(Newser) - Google disappointed investors with its after-hours announcement of a 17% rise in net income, signaling to many that credit woes could be hurting Internet use. The climb to $1.21 billion, or $3.79 per share, from $1.03 billion, or $3.29 a share, one year earlier underperformed estimates... More »

3 Stories