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iPhone Has 4% of Mobile Market—But 52% of Profit

And it's got room to grow

(Newser) - Apple is officially making ridiculous money on the iPhone. How ridiculous? Well, the phone now generated a whopping 52% of all mobile phone profits worldwide last quarter—despite controlling just 4.2% of that market, according to a new report from the Canaccord Genuity research firm. And amazingly, the analyst... More »

41% Plan to Buy iPhone 5

Survey shows users clamoring for Apple's latest

(Newser) - Could the iPhone 5 be Apple’s biggest hit yet? Consumers still haven’t even seen the device— it’s set to be unveiled Tuesday —but a recent survey from the mobile ad network inMobi found that a whopping 41% of North American mobile users are already planning to... More »

Android Activations Trounce Apple's

Google's system sees 500K activations daily

(Newser) - In its battle with Google, Apple’s hearing echoes of the 1990s: Android activations are blowing iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch activations out of the water. Some 500,000 Android phones and tables get activated daily across the world, says Google’s boss for the platform—and that figure is... More »

Samsung Ripped Off iPhone, iPad: Apple Suit

Apple alleges competitor 'blatantly' copied iPhone, iPad

(Newser) - Samsung's Galaxy smartphone bears more than a passing resemblance to the iPhone, says Apple, and Steve Jobs and Co are slapping its rival with a lawsuit that claims "slavish" and "blatant copying" on Samsung's part. In addition, the Apple lawsuit alleges the Galaxy tablet is a... More »

NPR, Economist Thrive in 'Netherworld' of Analysis

Pace, volume of new media requires explanatory outlets

(Newser) - In an environment where newspapers, newsweeklies, and TV news are losing market share like sinking ships, NPR and the Economist are thriving. Why? Well, posits Ezra Klein, the explosion of Internet news threw small-pond big fish into the ocean. Those who couldn’t keep up turned to opinion, creating a... More »

Facebook's Traffic Tops Google's for Week

Social network site had done it for a day, but this is new

(Newser) - Facebook’s traffic from US visitors hit a new milestone for the week ending Saturday: It took the top spot from Google. The social-networking site had beaten the search giant on single days before, notably Christmas. Facebook’s traffic is up 185% over the same week in 2009, Hitwise reports,... More »

Common Misperceptions About the China-Google Spat

Google has failed? Only if tripling market share means failure

(Newser) - With misinformation flying about the Google-China spat, Sky Canaves clears up some of the larger points for the Wall Street Journal :
  • Google has failed in China: Only if you consider boosting its market share from 13% to 36%, and while “Google doesn’t say if it’s profitable in
... More »

Google's Harsh Words for China Just Marketing

Company is doing poorly, and saw convenient rights-related out

(Newser) - The stand Google took against Chinese censorship and web-based malevolence yesterday is as much about the search giant’s self interest as any deep moral ideals, Sarah Lacy writes. “I’m not saying human rights didn’t play into the decision,” but it was surely an afterthought. First... More »

Companies Use Recession to Stomp Hurting Competition

(Newser) - When the recession hit, Bed Bath & Beyond saw an opportunity. Chief competitor Linens ‘n Things was laden with debt, so Bed Bath & Beyond “decided to destroy them,” says one analyst. It matched every Linens’ discount, issued a barrage of coupons in Linens’ key markets, and,... More »

Bing's Week 2: Not So Bad

(Newser) - Bing's second week wasn't such a bad one, CNET reports. Microsoft’s brand-new search engine has eaten into the market share of its competition, tacking on a 1% gain in both number of searchers and results returned last week, putting it up about 3% in both categories since launch: It... More »

Longs Picks CVS Despite Walgreen's Higher Bid

Investor calls move 'unfair' to shareholders

(Newser) - Longs Drugs today declined Walgreen’s premium buyout offer, opting for CVS’ in the pharmacy-market tussle, the AP reports. Longs’ largest shareholder calls the choice "totally unfair," but the board maintains that a Walgreen deal could get bogged down in antitrust review. Longs' stock dipped on the news,... More »

Mac OS X Grabs Record Market Share

Gains 3.56% over January, while Windows drops .36%

(Newser) - Apple's Mac OS X operating system grabbed a record 7.57% of market share in January, up 21.7% from the year before, Fortune's Apple 2.0 blog reports. The computer company’s share grew 3.56% over the course of December, while rival Microsoft Windows faced a .36% loss—... More »

Motorola May Sell Ailing Cell Phone Division

Company struggling against smart phone competition

(Newser) - Motorola, battered by more innovative competitors in the cell phone industry, is considering spinning off or selling its flagship mobile phone division to concentrate on other parts of its business. Motorola, which once rocked the industry with its innovative StarTAC flip phone and the ultra-slim Razr, now plans to refocus... More »

13 Stories