Oregon Cascades

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Wandering Wolf's Epic Quest May Be Over

OR7 appears to have found his mate, and might be a dad

(Newser) - It may have taken three years, two states, and something of a movie deal, but the wandering gray wolf known as OR7 appears to have found his girl. OR7 first attracted attention in 2011 when he abandoned his pack in northeastern Oregon and trekked to California in search of—what... More »

Vanishing Snow Threatens West

Global warming blamed for shrinking snowpacks

(Newser) - Blame for a dramatic decrease in Western mountain snowpacks rests squarely on global warming, researchers said yesterday. Using computer models of 50 years' worth of data, scientists confirmed warming is turning snowfall into rain, melting the packs earlier and drying up more rivers by summer. The trend threatens to trigger... More »

2 Stories