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Google's Bouncing Dots: Hinting at Search Changes?

Theories abound about the Doodle's message

(Newser) - The consensus on what explains the moving dots on Google's logo today seems to change by the hour. The company has shot down speculation that they're balloons celebrating the company's founding, telling Search Engine Land : "Today’s doodle is not related to a birthday but is fast, fun, and... More »

Explorer Hurt By Scorn for Web Standards

Uncompliant legacy code becoming an albatross over time

(Newser) - Microsoft is caught in a web-prison of their own design, the Guardian reports. In 2001, IE6’s flawed but ubiquitous programming forced web developers to make two versions of their sites: one that worked with IE6’s quirks, and another that complied with web standards. Pages identified the user’s... More »

2 Stories