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North Korea Reportedly Moving Aircraft to Coast

Analysts doubt US planes are in danger

(Newser) - The promised countermeasures to President Trump's supposed "declaration of war" on North Korea may already be in the works. A South Korean lawmaker briefed by the country's spy agency says North Korea is moving aircraft to its east coast in an effort to bolster its defenses, per... More »

US Can Fend Off N. Korea Attack: White House

But South Korea, Japan may have more to worry about

(Newser) - The White House's take on North Korea's threats against the US? Pshaw. The US is "fully capable of defending against" a North Korean ballistic missile attack, said press secretary Jay Carney yesterday. Though it's still in development, a US missile defense system known as the Ground-Based... More »

UK, France May Combine Nukes in Budget Move

Nations might collaborate on single nuclear sub patrol

(Newser) - Sweeping cuts to military budgets in both countries are forcing old rivals Britain and France to consider adopting history's first nuke-share program. The idea of a shared nuclear deterrent—dismissed as politically unfeasible earlier this year—will be back on the table at the annual Franco-British summit next month, according... More »

Texas Win Would Be Hollywood Ending, But ...

... Alabama's just a better team

(Newser) - With the Bowl Championship Series title game set for Thursday night at the Rose Bowl, a Hollywood ending is called for—meaning, Chris Dufresne writes, a Texas victory. After all, it was 4 years ago on that very field that Vince Young showed a young Colt McCoy how to win... More »

Iran's Nukes in Rabbit Warren of Tunnels, Bunkers

Hidden arsenal complicates nuclear standoff

(Newser) - Iran is using a network of tunnels and bunkers to shield its atomic complex, obscuring the size of its arsenal and complicating calls for military action against the rogue state. Military experts from the United States and Israel say a well-hidden nuclear program is especially hard to take down. "... More »

New System May Revolutionize Baseball Stats

(Newser) - Branch Rickey once complained that “there is nothing on earth anybody can do with fielding,” but that's about to change thanks to a complex new camera and computer system, the New York Times reports. The system, which will be unveiled for baseball executives tomorrow, records the exact speed... More »

Court: Defendants Can Question Crime Lab

Scientists must be brought to court

(Newser) - A 5-4 Supreme Court ruling yesterday gives defendants the chance to face authors of crime lab reports in their cases. Prosecutors who want to use lab testing undertaken for a given case will be required to bring its authors to court, where the defense can confront them. The ruling shows... More »

US Fortifies Hawaii Against N. Korea Threat

Gates moves anti-missile system to islands ... just in case

(Newser) - Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he is positioning defenses near Hawaii just in case North Korea fires a missile across the Pacific toward the island state. Gates says he has sent the military's ground-based mobile missile system to Hawaii and positioned a radar system nearby. Together the systems theoretically could... More »

Cops Probe Rape Complaint at NY Jet's Home

(Newser) - New Jersey police are investigating a complaint by a Canadian tourist who reported being raped at the home of New York Jet star defensive back Kerry Rhodes after she met him and a friend at a Manhattan night club, reports the New York Post. "I am not the subject... More »

Line by Line: Some Obama Budget Cuts

(Newser) - President Obama said today proposed budget cuts are “not a criticism of” federal workers. Still, they take a toll, from defense to education. The Washington Post takes a look at what’s being trimmed:
  • Anthrax vaccine research: The administration says the goals of the program have been met, and
... More »

Knox Co-Defendent: 'I Wouldn't Harm a Fly'

Accused Kercher killer gives emotional self-defense

(Newser) - Amanda Knox’s ex-boyfriend, accused of a role in the killing of British student Meredith Kercher, made an emotional speech in his own defense in an Italian court today, saying he “wouldn’t harm a fly,” the Guardian reports. Raffaele Sollecito, 24, called his circumstances “unreal,"... More »

Anthony Defense Granted Access to Crime Scene

Lawyer also says he'll seek new venue for trial of mom accused of murdering toddler

(Newser) - A judge ruled today that Casey Anthony’s defense team must have access to the scene where Caylee Anthony’s body was found, but denied a request for information from an unofficial search group, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Attorneys for the mother accused of murdering her young daughter had sought... More »

Anthony's Attorney Unveils Star Defense Team

(Newser) - Casey Anthony’s defense yesterday revealed a high-powered team of attorneys and expert witnesses in her trial for the murder of her daughter, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Lead counsel Jose Baez will be supported by Linda Kenney Baden, a New York attorney who defended Phil Spector. Also on board is... More »

Russia Will Move Missiles Near Poland

Installation would 'neutralize' US shield in Central Europe

(Newser) - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev delivered an aggressive speech against the US today, threatening to deploy short-range missiles and perhaps its navy to “neutralize” US plans for an anti-missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. Moscow perceives the American defense system—which Washington says is intended to deter “... More »

Strahan Goes Out on Top

Giants' sack-happy defensive end says he's retiring at 36; TV gig may be next

(Newser) - Michael Strahan is retiring after 15 years with the New York Giants, ESPN reports. The defensive end, 36, set the NFL's single-season sacks record with 22.5 sacks during the 2001 season, participated in seven Pro Bowls, and got his first Super Bowl ring earlier this year. Strahan walks away... More »

Blair Eyes Role as Europe's First President

Ex-British PM wants post to have strong say on defense, trade

(Newser) - Tony Blair is angling to become Europe’s first president, the Guardian reports, but the former British PM wants to be assured the EU’s new top job will come with real authority on defense and trade. Blair, currently the Mideast envoy for the US, EU, UN, and Russia, has... More »

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