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Tiger Cub Found ... in California Neighborhood

Little guy was wandering the streets of Hemet

(Newser) - On the list of "Things You Don't Expect to Find Roaming Around a California Neighborhood," tiger cub is probably pretty near the top. Yet that is exactly what one woman in Hemet found yesterday, CBS Los Angeles reports. She brought the 3-month-old, 25-pound Bengal-Siberian tiger to a... More »

Dog Adopts Tiger Cub at German Zoo

Mom rejected cub after delivery last weekend

(Newser) - A tiger cub rejected by its mother shortly after birth last weekend is on its second canine mom. A dachshund belonging to the zookeepers adopted the spurned cub but later died. Now the dog's daughter, Bessi, is raising the infant she "fell in love" with, a rep for Germany's... More »

Med Student's Kiss of Life Saves Tiger Cub

Cub passes out, med student mom leaps into cage

(Newser) - A medical student sprang into action when she spotted a tiger cub choking on a piece of meat at a German zoo—and gave the animal mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, or as Der Speigel reports, "mouth-to-muzzle" CPR. "The little baby tiger was gnawing meat off a bone. All of a... More »

3 Stories