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After Trump's Israel Move, a Call for an Uprising

Meanwhile, US allies are speaking out

(Newser) - President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital is a "war declaration against Palestinians" who should rise up, Hamas leader Ismail Haniya said in a speech Thursday. Though Palestinian forces announced three "days of rage" beginning Wednesday, during which Palestinians are to protest at Israeli... More »

Erdogan Vows to 'Cleanse' Turkish Military of 'Viruses'

3-month state of emergency declared

(Newser) - Turkey's president has declared a three-month state of emergency following a botched coup attempt , saying he would rid the military of the "virus" of subversion and giving the government sweeping powers to expand a crackdown that has already included mass arrests and the closure of hundreds of schools.... More »

China Finally Quells 18-Day Uprising Over Landgrab

Local official arrested, 21 more sought by authorities

(Newser) - An 18-day uprising in southern China has finally been squashed by Chinese authorities, ending with nine people arrested and between 30 and 40 injured, reports the Guardian . Residents of Shangpu, a small farming community of 3,000 people, protested after the local Communist Party chief, Li Baoyu, leased an 81-acre... More »

Ex Thai PM Facing Murder Charges

For his role in deadly 2010 crackdown on anti-government protests

(Newser) - Former Thailand PM Abhisit Vejjajiva and his deputy will face murder charges for their roles in the 2010 crackdown against anti-government uprisings that left more than 90 dead and 1,800 injured, reports the AP . Investigators says Abhisit is possibly culpable in the death of a taxi driver because he... More »

Militia Planned to Kill Cops, Spark 'Uprising': Feds

Suspects accused of conspiring to 'levy war' on the US

(Newser) - Nine members of a Midwestern Christian militia group were charged with conspiring to kill police officers today, in what the indictment says was an attempt to “levy war” against the US government. According to prosecutors, they hoped to kill enough local law enforcement officials to draw other police from... More »

Honduran Prez Recounts 'Brutal Kidnapping' in Coup

'Coup' triggered by Zelaya's insistence on unwanted constitutional referendum

(Newser) - Manuel Zelaya called upon the international community to “defend democracy” after the army forced him to leave Honduras in what the president called a “brutal kidnapping,” the Los Angeles Times reports. Zelaya said he awoke today facing the gun barrels of masked army officers who took him—... More »

Mass Grave Found in Bangladesh Mutiny

At least 60 killed in border guards' rebellion

(Newser) - Bangladeshi troops have discovered a mass grave in the capital after a border guard mutiny shook the country, the BBC reports. The grave contained the bodies of between 20 and 60 officers in what began as a spat over pay and conditions and has now claimed at least 60 lives.... More »

Rebel Troops in Bangladeshi Capital Surrender

(Newser) - Mutinous border guards in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka laid down their weapons today, ending the uprising that started yesterday and claimed at least 20 lives, the BBC reports. “All the rebel troops have surrendered with their arms,” a government spokesman said, and urged rebels outside the capital... More »

Pork Shortage Plagues China

Beijing dips into pork preserve to avoid crisis

(Newser) - Pigjacking is China's latest crime. Sounds like a joke? Crooks are scoffing the swine thanks to a boom economy and a pig shortage that has hogs highly valued. With a record winter storm stranding thousands and sparking unrest, Beijing is dipping into its official pork preserve—hoping to calm a... More »

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