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A Vote for the Obama-Clinton 'Unity Ticket' ...

Joining the final 2 solves more problems than it causes

(Newser) - The logic for Hillary Clinton as Barack Obama's running mate is simple, writes Ed Kilgore for Salon: "Obama doesn't have any obvious alternative option that will please everyone, much less provide the political payoff of an Obama-Clinton ticket.” Kilgore notes that rank-and-file Democrats support the pairing and refutes... More »

... and a Vote for Sticking With the Message of Change

Clinton on ticket torpedoes Obama's chances in swing states

(Newser) - Barack Obama has a plethora of reasons to reject Hillary Clinton as his running mate, Thomas Schaller writes in Salon, but the most important is consistency: "Obama's decision to cast himself as a fresh alternative to both the Bushes and the Clintons is reason enough for him to choose... More »

Obama-Clinton a 'Winning Ticket,' Says Feinstein

Senator won't tell Obama what to do, but Hill 'had popular vote'

(Newser) - Her candidate may have lost the Democratic nomination, but Dianne Feinstein is still dreaming of the dream ticket, Politico reports. Although she conceeds that "nobody else can tell" Barack Obama what to do, Feinstein today reiterated on ABC's "This Week" the Clinton campaign's longtime assertion that it won... More »

'Dream Ticket' an Unlikely Nightmare

Having Bill on board could complicate things too much, aides say

(Newser) - The champagne was barely uncorked at Barack Obama victory parties before Hillary Clinton's backers were pushing for her as veep choice, the Wall Street Journal reports, but the so-called "dream ticket" is looking unlikely. Dems on both sides point to a host of complications that could arise—especially when... More »

Don't Be Henpecked, Obama

She doesn't want the No. 2 job, writes Dowd. She wants you to lose.

(Newser) - "What does Hillary want?" Hillary Clinton asked rhetorically last night at her rally in New York. Still a good question, writes Maureen Dowd, since apparently she's not going away anytime soon. Having given her surrogates the green light to push for an Obama-Clinton ticket, the New York Times columnist... More »

Hillary Still Dogs Barack's Campaign

Obama faces tough decision on No. 2 spot

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's non-concession speech last night left the Obama campaign with a major headache, as the New York senator left open the possibility that she might demand the second spot on the Democratic ticket. Clinton managed to take some of the spotlight from Obama even on his biggest night—a... More »

Kennedy Wants 'Leadership,' Not Hillary, for VP

Democratic Sen. 'doesn't think it's likely given the tenor of the campaign'

(Newser) - Ted Kennedy vetoed a spot for Hillary Clinton on the Barack Obama ticket, saying their fellow senator needs a running mate “in tune with his appeal for the nobler aspirations of the American people.” He laughed off suggestions of a dream ticket, Politico reports, saying, “I don’... More »

Dream Ticket Is the Candidates' Worst Nightmare

Obama, Clinton bitter enemies; but stranger things have happened

(Newser) - Despite Democratic dreams of a shared ticket, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton may not be able to stand each other long enough to share a campaign. It’s been the first question in several debates, and will be for either as the freshly crowned nominee, but when the Times privately... More »

Clintons Push 'Dream Ticket' —With Obama as Veep

Critics cry hypocrisy at not-so-generous offer

(Newser) - Both Clintons are hinting that Hillary's camp wants to unite the nation's Democrats by joining forces with Barack Obama—with him as No. 2, Reuters reports. This dream ticket would be an "unstoppable force," Bill has said on the stump, attempting to position his wife as winner and... More »

Clinton: Dream Ticket Is Possible

But, of course, we still have to decide who's on top

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton today hinted that she’d be willing to bury the hatchet and share a ticket with Barack Obama, the AP reports. “That may be where this is headed,” Clinton told CBS’ The Early Show, “but of course we have to decide who is on the... More »

Dream Team? Dream On: Dowd

NYT's Dowd says candidates deserve Oscars for acting chummy at debate

(Newser) - Think you saw the beginning of a beautiful Dream Team friendship at the last Democratic debate? Think again, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd says: Hillary Clinton has no more desire to be Barack's running mate than he does hers. Why would Hillary want to play second fiddle to a... More »

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