Mike Henry

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Clinton Team Loses Another Top Staffer

Deputy manager resigns days after campaign chief

(Newser) - With the Clinton campaign struggling to right itself amid a string of losses, another top-ranking staffer has resigned, the Washington Post reports. Mike Henry, the campaign's deputy manager, stepped down just days after campaign chief Patti Solis Doyle did the same. Henry said he quit to allow new chief Maggie... More »

Hillary Sticks With Iowa Strategy

Candidate overrules senior aide's advice to snub Hawkeye caucus

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton rejected a top adviser's plan to bypass the Iowa caucuses, the New York Times reports, and she'll visit the state this weekend. An internal memo suggested focusing money and time on February 5's 20-state Super Tuesday instead of the January 14 caucuses. All but one of the last... More »

2 Stories