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Trump Reportedly Offered Kasich a Very Odd Deal

Don Jr. promised Kasich could basically run the country as VP: 'NYT'

(Newser) - Wednesday night is the night that America meets GOP VP nominee Mike Pence , but per a senior adviser to John Kasich who spoke anonymously to the New York Times , the process by which he was chosen sounds like it could have been a little wonky—and may even have involved... More »

Pence: 'Really Conservative and Mostly Unknown'

Everything you need to know about Trump's new running mate

(Newser) - Donald Trump made it official Friday: Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will be his running mate when he attempts to stop another Clinton from sitting in the White House this November. Here's what you need to know about the vice presidential candidate: More »

Trump Tweets: It's Pence

He picks Indiana governor as his running mate

(Newser) - His plans for a big announcement Friday of his running mate were thrown off by the attack in Nice, so Donald Trump resorted to a familiar medium instead: On Twitter , he announced that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will be his vice presidential candidate. It's not a huge surprise given... More »

Trump Delays VP Announcement After Attack in Nice

He says he still hasn't made a 'final, final' choice

(Newser) - Donald Trump had planned to reveal his VP pick at a Friday morning news conference but the big announcement has been put on hold. "In light of the horrible attack in Nice, France, I have postponed tomorrow's news conference," Trump tweeted Thursday night as news of the... More »

Sources Name Those Atop Trump's List of Potential VPs

Gingrich, Christie reportedly being vetted by the lawyer who vetted Sarah Palin

(Newser) - With rumors that Donald Trump could announce his running mate as early as next week, five anonymous sources "with knowledge of the process" tell the Washington Post that Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie are the leading contenders. They've reportedly been asked to answer more than 100 questions and... More »

Ryan Pick Shows Romney Doesn't Want to Play It Safe

Mike Allen: It's a bold choice, but one that could backfire

(Newser) - Politico's Mike Allen weighs in with an early assessment on the choice of Paul Ryan, and sees it as a sign that Mitt Romney recognizes his strategy of playing it safe and making the campaign all about Obama's record instead of his own vision wasn't working... More »

Romney to Announce VP Pick Via App

App can gather info on his supporters

(Newser) - Want to be the first to know Mitt Romney's running mate? There's an app for that. The Romney campaign has released a new "Mitt's VP" app, which it's billing as a way to "be the first to know the second member of America’s... More »

Romney's Wealth Worried McCain Camp in '08

But Steve Schmidt says he wasn't passed over for VP because of taxes

(Newser) - Part of the reason John McCain passed over Mitt Romney was because of his vast wealth, top McCain strategist Steve Schmidt tells the Huffington Post . "Sen. McCain got caught flat-footed answering questions about how many houses he owned," Schmidt recalls. "We knew it would be a big... More »

Romney Could Reveal VP Pick Soon

Early choice would double campaigning power

(Newser) - Mitt Romney may give his campaign a boost by naming a running mate much earlier than usual. Naming his pick now, weeks ahead of the convention, would allow the Romney campaign to open up a new front against President Obama, with two people on the stump and raising money instead... More »

Voters Know Nothing About Romney's VP Candidates

No opinion on Rob Portman, Marco Rubio

(Newser) - What do voters think of Rob Portman? They don't, a poll finds. Some 51% don't have an opinion on the man currently most likely to join Mitt Romney's ticket, the highest "no opinion" figure about pretty much anything in a Washington Post -ABC poll since September.... More »

Romney Could Have a 'Dan Quayle Problem'

Like Bush in '88, he must pick a VP to please conservatives: Steve Kornacki

(Newser) - Now that talk is turning to Mitt Romney's VP pick, Steve Kornacki at Salon sees a strong parallel between his situation and that of the elder George Bush in 1988. Both rose to the top of the ticket despite a "moderate/liberal past" and thus had to constantly appease... More »

Why Gingrich Should Be Santorum's VP

Paul Goldman and Mark Rozell think Newt is vice-presidential material only

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich said recently that, much like the founding fathers, he'd sacrifice anything for a cause—in his case conservatism. So Paul Goldman and Mark Rozell have a question for him: "For the good of the cause, are you willing to join with Rick Santorum as the vice-presidential... More »

Smart Pick for GOP VP: Puerto Rico's Luis Fortuño

He's a strong conservative, and a demographic win: William McGurn

(Newser) - Hey, Republican strategists, interested in a young, dynamic, Latino vice presidential nominee? Then William McGurn has a name for you, "And he's not Marco Rubio." Instead, the Wall Street Journal columnist suggests the less-famed Luis Fortuño, governor of Puerto Rico, who's "part of a... More »

Palin Survives, But the Ticket Still Struggles

Proving herself hampered her ability to attack Obama

(Newser) - Sarah Palin acquitted herself at last night's debate with her charm and a show of basic coherency, writes Adam Nagourney in the New York Times. Her face-off with Joe Biden didn't prove to be a point of no return for the faltering McCain campaign, but neither was it the decisive... More »

Innocence, Bravado Are a Dangerous Mix

McCain's Alaskan choice invokes myth of 'the innocent American'

(Newser) - John McCain's choice of running mate invokes the one of our country's oldest and most seductive myths, the virtue of American innocence, Anthony Robinson writes in the Seattle P-I. Innocent of Old World wiles, Americans are thought to have "a combination of virtue, tenacity and practical knowledge that will... More »

Alaskans Furious at No-Show Sarah

Questions from state residents referred to McCain office 4,000 miles away

(Newser) - Alaskans seeking answers or help from their governor are sick and tired of being referred to John McCain's campaign headquarters 4,300 miles away, reports the Los Angeles Times. "Why did the McCain campaign take over the governor's office?" the Anchorage Daily News demanded in an editorial yesterday. "... More »

Ditch the Double Standard for Palin, McCain

Respect and courtesy, certainly, but 'deference' is pushing it

(Newser) - The McCain camp's insistence that Sarah Palin not submit to questioning until the media shows "respect and deference" is a brazen double standard bound to raise voter eyebrows, Tim Rutten writes in the Los Angeles Times. She is certainly due respect, Rutten writes, but it is hard to justify... More »

Just You Wait, Charlie Gibson, Just You Wait

Dowd can't wait for the TV debut of Wasilla's own Eliza Doolittle

(Newser) - Maureen Dowd hops a plane to Wasilla, Alaska, where Sarah Palin will hold her first interview as a VP candidate this weekend. Media types might be flocking to the Last Frontier, but Palin has been sequestered from the press, brushing up for her sit-down with Charles Gibson. She's the Eliza... More »

Palin Choice Clever, Irresponsible

She may help woo voters--but could she handle the presidency?

(Newser) - As a political move, John McCain’s VP choice makes sense: Sarah Palin’s social conservatism should appease the party base, while her “maverick status” and gender may help the ticket win centrist voters and working-class women. But as “bold” and “shrewd” as the choice may be,... More »

McCain Picks Running Mate, But He's Not Telling Yet

Pair heads for debut rally Friday

(Newser) - John McCain has picked his running mate, but he's not telling just yet, Politico reports. McCain will reportedly inform his vice-presidential pick tomorrow, then unveil his choice to the nation on Friday. The two are then expected to campaign in battleground states this weekend, ahead of the GOP convention on... More »

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