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Evacuation Orders Issued as Storm Slams California

Storm follows wildfires, mudslides in coastal area

(Newser) - Deputies went door to door ordering residents to evacuate from coastal Southern California neighborhoods ahead of a powerful winter storm sweeping in Friday after bringing heavy snow and whiteout conditions to northern mountains and steady rain elsewhere. As many as 30,000 people are under evacuation orders in the foothills... More »

Severe Storms Hit Several States

Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, among the hardest hit

(Newser) - Severe storms are continuing to strike several states on Sunday. Among the dramatic winter weather noted in media reports:
  • Oklahoma is seeing a range of precipitation, from blowing and drifting snow in the Panhandle to heavy, flood-inducing rains in the east part of the state. National Weather Service meteorologist Jonathan
... More »

To Weather Service's Chagrin, 'Nemo' Catching On

Weather Channel pleased as name spikes on Twitter

(Newser) - By now, you have probably made a Finding Nemo joke about the winter storm currently bearing down on the Northeast. "Nemo" is one of the top trending topics on Twitter, and is ranked fairly high in Google searches as well, the New York Times reports. All of which indicates... More »

1 Dead as Storms Bear Down on South

Tornado warnings issued amid widespread property damage

(Newser) - It's getting ugly in the South, where fierce winds and heavy rain are slamming the region as unusually warm temperatures meet a coming cold front, creating a storm that could produce tornadoes. Fox News rounds up reports of damage and, in one case, death thus far: As many as... More »

14 Inches of Snow Hit ... Arizona

Flagstaff schools closed thanks to more than a foot of unseasonable snow

(Newser) - From the Midwest to the Northeast, much of the country is enjoying what feels more like summer than the last day of winter today, but not Arizona; parts of the state are buried under snow following a rare, late-winter storm, CNN reports. The state has closed 180 miles of Interstate... More »

Winter Cancellations May Cost Airlines $600M

Record number of flights grounded by weather

(Newser) - If you’ve had to deal with a flight cancellation recently, rest assured that the airlines most definitely feel your pain. A seemingly never-ending string of winter storms has forced airlines to cancel a record 89,884 flights since Nov. 1, Bloomberg reports, costing them more than $629 million according... More »

Blame El Niño for Recent Storms

Strongest warm-water phenomenon in a decade drenches coasts

(Newser) - The strongest El Niño in more than a decade is the culprit behind the wretched weather bombarding much of the country this winter, from the snowstorms that buried the mid-Atlantic states in December to the rains that drenched California last month. “Ocean temperatures are somewhere upwards of two... More »

Storms Threaten to Wipe Out Retailers' Last Hopes

Double whammy for desperate stores struggling to sell in last holiday week

(Newser) - Retailers were extending hours and cutting prices deeper in a last-ditch attempt to attract a final wave of holiday shoppers and mitigate the impact of major storms in the Midwest, Northwest and Northeast, Reuters reports. Some two-thirds of shoppers still have holiday shopping left to do, according to surveys, but... More »

Icy Roads? Beet Juice Just the Right Tonic

New mixture cuts salt, works colder, but side effects still unknown

(Newser) - Road workers in the Chicago area are shaking up their winter ice-busting cocktail with an odd new mixer: beet juice. Sanitation officials are pleased with the combination, which reduces the necessary rock salt (harmful to plants and water supplies) by up to 30% and is effective at temperatures far lower... More »

Storm Snarls NE Flights

Snow falls from Ohio to New England; icy roads kill 5 in Missouri

(Newser) - A nasty winter storm swept across the country today, forcing major flight delays at New York City airports, closing schools from Ohio to Connecticut, and causing road accidents in Missouri that left 5 dead, the AP reports. Heavy snowfall in the New York metro area grounded 900 flights and led... More »

Lights Coming Back in China

Respite from severe weather allows progress toward normalcy

(Newser) - After more than a week of darkness, power is finally coming back on in China—mostly. With Lunar New Year celebrations getting under way, power has at least partially returned in 169 of the 170 counties blacked out by fierce winter weather, Reuters reports. But some residents are skeptical. “... More »

Freeze of Century Grips China

Millions still still stranded in winter chaos

(Newser) - First it was the snow, now it's the cold wreaking continued havoc in China, leaving millions stranded and millions more without power in the coldest winter in a century. President Hu Jintao chaired an emergency meeting yesterday to discuss rescue efforts in the nation where scores have died, as desperate... More »

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