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Israel Tested Stuxnet Worm Before Iran Attack

Tests on centrifuges in Israel helped make worm to effective

(Newser) - The high-tech computer virus that derailed Iran's nuclear program last year was tested in Israel as part of a joint US-Israel program, reports the New York Times . Israel's Dimona complex, home to its hush-hush nuclear arms program, tested the Stuxnet worm on nuclear centrifuges nearly identical to the ones Iran... More »

Israel Fears Rocket Attack on Nuke Plant

Size, sophistication of Hamas rocket arsenal shocks Israeli security forces

(Newser) - Israeli officials, shaken by the size and sophistication of Hamas' rocket arsenal, fear the country's nuclear center at Dimona may be targeted, the Times of London reports. The group's new, more accurate, Grad missiles, smuggled in by land and sea, can penetrate significantly farther into Israel than the crude, home-made... More »

Suicide Bomber Kills 1 in Israeli Mall Attack

Police kill second bomber before he can detonate

(Newser) - A suicide bomber attacked an Israeli mall today, killing one woman and injuring seven, in the first suicide bombing in Israel in more than a year. Police shot a second bomber as he was attempting to detonate an explosives belt. “We heard a large explosion and people started to... More »

3 Stories